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These ideologies that depend upon unproven technologies to work bother me. It's kind of like arguing with a really religious person who thinks the rapture is imminent. It's okay to follow an ineffective route because the rapture will come, although I'm concerned that some of these people are trying to prevent the rapture from coming. But unlike religions, the materialistic version of this isn't self-perpetuating.
@Hong Wu my views on how to deal with climate change are not ideological. The only options here is Mass human depopulation, a decrease in living standards, or developing new technologies. I view technology as the best route. We already have many of the technologies necessary to fully change over our power grids but we don't because it would require trillions in infrastructure spending and would kill businesses with powerful lobbies.

You are trying to change the goal posts anyway. First you accuse me of wanting to hurt people to deal with climate change, now I'm religious, next you'll accuse me of being genocidal.

Why not just admit that you either refuse to believe climate change exists or admit that you aren't willing to do anything about it and so none of the rest of us could possibly hope to do so.

Your argument that only nationalism can solve climate change because some politicians are hypocrites and so can't make people support change was just a bad argument. People do support change, despite your insurance they secretly don't because of one election. Nationalist leaders are often more hypocritical than democratic ones, and quite frankly I don't know where you get the idea that a nationalist leader is somehow magically more capable of legislating on the issue when most autocratic nationalists have the worst climate policies.

Tl;Dr your argument was bad and accusing me of being religious because I think so is not a counter argument.

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