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When the 1960s and 70s happened, the counterculture movement created a generation of children who were disillusioned by the rise of modern liberalism. The 1980s swung around, and those children backlashed. They believed their parents were losers and that if something was going to get done, they were going to have to get it done themselves. The domination of the left succumbed to technological pressure as well with electronics revolutionizing.

It seems this is repeating after how the 90s and 2000s took political correctness to a new level. Youth more and more these days seem to behave just like in the 80s where the punk culture of the time deconstructed those who deconstructed before them; it's happening all over again. The moral emotivism and relativism that young adults (20-30 year olds) now grew up in is turned on its head through deliberate insensitivity on the right. Before, the right was about principles that the left claimed to be oppressive in pushing values onto others they don't consent to believe in. Now, the left claims the right is uncivil and the right embraces it while mocking the left for retreating into its safe spaces.

It seems seriously convincing that that the next decade is going to be like the 1980s all over again...

...which isn't much of a surprise. It's the grandparent effect. The generation from twice back sympathizes with the present against the generation it had to raise. It's like how 1950s grandparents sympathized with their grandchildren who grew up in the 80s against their own children who they dealt with in the 60s and 70s.
The OP is confusing. Our society is in a permanent state of crisis. I don't think youth culture is as significant as it used to be.

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