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Decky wrote:Don't you miss all the good things in life? Roast beef? Gammon? Chicken and Mushroom stirfrys? Donner meat and chips? Chicken soup? I know I could never do it. Sausages for god sake!

Chicken, only, but that's okay.

I eat mushrooms :D
Ter wrote:@Pants-of-dog
You are not saving children by crossing borders illegally, instead you are exposing them to danger.
They are much better off where they are now.

I think children are under less risk when walking into a European country than they would be in a country that is in the midst of violent civil war. I find it hard to imagine otherwise.
Ter wrote:Those look eatable, Decky, but you cheated; they are wrapped in bacon, that makes everything taste good.
I was given small sausages with a dry industrial omelette on a British Airways flight. I was very hungry but I could not make myself eat those horrible little things.

You should know I always have my omelettes how you told me to have them now instead of the longer cooked way I used to have them. I know you have kids and they are probable top of your list of positive ways you have changed the world but you changed how I cooked omelettes and my life is better for it Ter.

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