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28th March 2017
A mother said she gave cannabis to her son while he was being treated for cancer because she was "terrified of him dying in pain".
Callie Blackwell, from Watton, Norfolk, said she took the decision after her son, Deryn, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
She said: "I was more terrified of him dying in pain than I was off any kind of fallback from the authorities."
Dr Peter McCormick, cancer researcher at the University of Surrey, said: "For all the promising stories our own research suggest you can get the opposite effects.
"Self-medication is quite risky and I don't advocate it.
Deryn, 17, said he believed it was "definitely worthwhile".
"I'm still here and not in a hospice or a grave," he said.

Yes, but I am a bad motherfucker so maybe it does not mean much. Just the other day I hid a piece of bacon under a huge egg on my plate and thus paid less for my breakfast as the person on the till could not see the bacon. Maybe my willingness to break the law in a Ronnie Biggs style manner means that my answer holds less meaning that it might from another person.
The same boy is improving....
5th February 2017
A teenager who was told two months ago that he had just three days to live has astounded medical professionals.
Deryn Blackwell, 14, from Watton in Norfolk, is the only person in the world to have been diagnosed with both leukaemia and another rare form of cancer.
Two months ago after contracting another disease which attacked his immune system, he was told by doctors he would die before the new year.
Deryn was sent to an end of life hospice where doctors and his family prepared him for the worst. But now his body is fighting back and has started to produce red blood cells.
Nikki Fox reports.

Depends on the law and the pain.
I would not kill innocent people to alleviate a stubbed toe. Illegal mild narcotics to alleviate severe pain however seems fine.
It depends.
If there were legal medicines that would ease the child's pain then they would have to be considered.
If I were to be incarcerated and my other children were deprived of a father then that would have to be taken into account.
If the medication would ease the pain but shorten the life expectancy of the child then this would complicate things.
Would you break the law to ease your dying child's pain?

It'd take much less than a dying child for me to break the law. There are a lot of stupid laws.

Decky wrote:Just the other day I hid a piece of bacon under a huge egg on my plate and thus paid less for my breakfast as the person on the till could not see the bacon.

It was great @skinster Skinster, I felt like the workers of Petrograd when they seized the factories in 1917. I was already pretty happy at getting the one egg that was far bigger than the others but when I hatched (see what I did there?) my bacon plan I was over the moon.
Eh, I don't care what others eat (within reason). I'm almost a vegetarian but my husband eats all kinds of little animals, pigs included...I don't give a feck, that's his shit, not mine...
Those look eatable, Decky, but you cheated; they are wrapped in bacon, that makes everything taste good.
I was given small sausages with a dry industrial omelette on a British Airways flight. I was very hungry but I could not make myself eat those horrible little things.
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