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There are a lot of methods at work to control the population size currently, I think anyone who is willing to look outside of their box can see this. The problem with duplicitous western methods of population control is that people will eventually evolve resistances to them. We may already be seeing this in the emergence of the "alt-right" and the "cucks" dialogue. I am sure the people promoting "white genocide" as population control, which ultimately extends in theory to the destruction of all other ethnic identities, they must have theories regarding how to try and circumvent the evolution of resistances but they will fail because there is only one thing people can't evolve a resistance to and that is direct methods of birth control like forced abortions.

Don't get me wrong, I find forced abortions to be repulsive but that is irrelevant. One of the implications of this eventual necessity is that due to how grotesque a forced abortion is, it can never be carried out with legitimacy by a majority ethnic group upon a minority ethnic group. A group will need to control its own population, just as an individual strives to control themselves. "Multicultural" countries will not be able to engage in direct methods of population control and they will need to recruit from the same populations they have been deceiving. Eventually they would fail, even if the Muslims weren't clearly planning to some day carry out coups across Europe.

I'm also not saying that no racial mixing at all should occur, there is a natural rate (significantly less than what you see in western countries) at which races mix. This used to occur in the peripheries and on the borders of civilizations, now it occurs in the city centers and since the city centers are also where culture comes from, this causes many subtle problems as the culture in the city becomes alien to the culture in the borders instead of a refinement of it. This is a somewhat tangential issue but my point is that when I say nationalism, I'm not talking about any of the various straw men that might be sent my way for posting this, I'm only talking about a natural rate of immigration (such as never paying anyone to enter your country) and the establishment of the idea that it's okay for people to have a shared racial identity.
Yeah, okay Hitler.

What many are failing to realize is that there are no real "white" people, and that race largely is a social construct; but the trick is that certain characteristics and traits are not. Think about that :excited:

Well that's how you're framing it right? they're calling Trump and Nationalim Nazi Hitler, but we all know this is simply a ruse. If anyone should be more liberal, it should be middle and upper class society. NATIONALISM IS THE ONLY AND REAL LIBERALISM.

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