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Assad is already responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Syrians. It's not like he would have any moral reservations eliminating disagreeable civilians when the occasion so arises. In as such, your question is flawed. It should read something like: "Why would Assad use illegal weapons of mass destruction, when he knows that it would elicit the nigh universal condemnation of the international community, as was already demonstrated during the last incident?"
I'm glad to see my Cui Bono regarding this media meme.

Assad has nothing to gain by gassing a few people on network TV.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has probably been forced to "prove his morality and loyalty" by killing foreigners, and "gas attack" is a Western-approved meme for gaining public approval for more wars.

I guess Trump has realized that he can't help America's economy, so he's just going to do more wars and more restricting of civil rights, just like the last five presidents have done.

Decline: this is what it looks like.
There's another question, why now? Just suppose hypothetically it was true that Assad had used chemical weapons, according to our leaders he's used chemical weapons on multiple occasions. The hypocrite Donald Trump opposed intervention, the last time western intervention was on the agenda. No the attack now is because Assad is winning. Jewish supremacists like Daniel Pipes make no secret of their desire to prolong the Syrian war as long as possible.

It was the same with the Iran Iraq war, a terrible conflict in which the deaths may have been in the millions, yet so many of the Reagan administration were sad that they had to bring the war to an end when it started to threaten western oil supplies, exposing the lie that our interventions in the Middle East are for either our security or for corporate profit. Sadly the Zionists have been abetted by crude Marxist materialism. The idea that we went to Iraq to turn a profit is so absurd. We've heard the same nonsense about Syria.
In 2014, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported on opposition forces' ability to use chemical weapons. In an article for the "London Review of Books," Hersh obtained documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Pentagon's own spy organization. They suggested that the Nusra Front, a Syrian offshoot of al Qaeda, had access to the sarin nerve agent. A chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta in August 2013, which was blamed on Assad, was carried out by rebels, according to Hersh's article. They wanted Washington to presume Assad had crossed Obama's "red line" and draw the US into a war.

At the time of the Ghouta attack, the Syrian government had access to about 600 tons of material necessary to make sarin and mustard gas. The stockpile was to counterbalance Israel's nuclear arsenal, Meyer said. "Israel has an estimated 200 nuclear weapons," he said. "Chemical weapons are something of a poor man's atomic weapon." The US reported these chemical stockpiles had been destroyed in 2014, although the state of confusion surrounding such a war zone makes that hard to confirm.

No one can say how the situation has evolved since the DIA's assessment in 2013 of the Nusra Front's weapons. The al Qaeda affiliate is today the most significant rebel group in the northern Syrian province of Idlib, Meyer said. Along with other jihadi extremists, it has turned itself into the "de facto ruler of Idlib."

Assad has not hesitated to use ruthless means to stay in power. In confronting the most recent use of chemical weapons in Syria, credible questions remain as to why Assad would bring world opinion against him at a time when his continued rule is beginning to be accepted.

http://www.dw.com/en/is-assad-to-blame- ... a-38330217

The Trump administration should carefully investigate the incident before making a hasty decision to remove Assad by supporting Islamists affiliated with al-Qaeda. It was the al-Nusra Front's home town that was bombed and the terrorist group could have been trained by the CIA in the use of chemical weapons.

“The Pentagon scheme established in 2012 consisted in equipping and training Al Qaeda rebels in the use of chemical weapons, with the support of military contractors hired by the Pentagon, and then holding the Syrian government responsible for using the WMD against the Syrian people.

What is unfolding is a diabolical scenario –which is an integral part of military planning– namely a situation where opposition terrorists advised by Western defense contractors are actually in possession of chemical weapons.

This is not a rebel training exercise in non-proliferation. While president Obama states that “you will be held accountable” if “you” (meaning the Syrian government) use chemical weapons, what is contemplated as part of this covert operation is the possession of chemical weapons by the US-NATO sponsored terrorists, namely “by our” Al Qaeda affiliated operatives, including the Al Nusra Front which constitutes the most effective Western financed and trained fighting group, largely integrated by foreign mercenaries. In a bitter twist, Jabhat al-Nusra, a US sponsored “intelligence asset”, was recently put on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations.

http://www.globalresearch.ca/pentagon-t ... ns/5583784
ThirdTerm wrote:The Trump administration should carefully investigate the incident before making a hasty decision to remove Assad by supporting Islamists affiliated with al-Qaeda. It was the al-Nusra Front's home town that was bombed and the terrorist group could have been trained by the CIA in the use of chemical weapons.

So you're offering sage advice to the American government that has been lying its way into wars for the last few centuries?

The USA is up to its eyeballs in sponsoring terrorism all over the world, and the terrorists in Syria (which our whore media calls "the opposition") is part of its poison for recalcitrant supply routes and oil producers.

That Trump has rolled over and played dead is a sign of more of this to come.

Imagine if Bernie Sanders had been elected, and it was HIM explaining how unsocialist Assad's regime was so... it has to be bombed again. And again. And again. And we'll have social programs right after the next few wars are over.
skinster wrote:Former DIA Colonel: “US strikes on Syria based on a lie”

Good to see you siding with the Infidel (Assad, the Alawites and Christians) against the (Sunni) Muslims for once.
A great article by Mike Whitney (The Impending Clash between the U.S. and Russia).

He writes that US-Israeli policy in Syria is to help prolong the war so that the entire country is hopelessly crippled and easily dominated by the world's bankster nations.

He quotes the Russian Defense Minister, Koneshenkov:

The US administrations have changed but the methods for unleashing wars have remained the same since bombardments of Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya. Allegations, falsifications, grandstand playing with photos and test-tubes with pseudo results in international organizations became the reason for initiating aggression instead of an objective investigation.

The author then sums up US strategy as "Lie, bomb, kill, repeat."

He then quotes another Russian minister, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov:

The concept of managed chaos appeared long ago as a method of strengthening US influence. Its basic premise is that managed chaos projects should be launched away from the United States in regions that are crucial for global economic and financial development. The Middle East has always been in the focus of politicians and foreign policy engineers in Washington. Practice has shown that this concept is dangerous and destructive, in particular for the countries where the experiment was launched, namely Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan…In Iraq, Syria and Libya, this chaos was created intentionally.

Contrast the accuracy and frankness of Russian government officials with our news media who has repeated, once again, the lies of the US administration as if they were facts.

Igor Antunov wrote:He wouldn't and he didn't. The official western story makes perfect sense when you consider who stands to benefit. No mystery here.

And who actually does benefit?

I don't recall my bank account filling up with thousands of dollars when Gaddafi was overthrown. In fact the cost of living has only gone up since that time.
skinster wrote::lol:

Sectarianism is gay, Rich, but it suits you, so enjoy.

Well I don't know quite where you're coming from Skinster, although I was deeply sceptical when you professed to be a Muslim (apologies if I've confused you with anther poster on that), but certainly the far left is on no grounds to complain about sectarianism. The far left seem to think their own quasi theological disputes are of incredible importance, but then ascribe to the crudest materialism possible when it comes to religious beliefs.

I was aware when I wrote it that my comment could come across as mean and uncharitable, but there was a very serious point behind it: the left demands uncompromising human rights for Muslims in western countires and in Palestine, but in Muslim lands argues that Muslims need to live under the most most extreme dictatorships like Saddam and Gadaffi.
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