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Re: The vetting process that is done before the election is not determining who is wanted to run, but who is qualified to run. There are a number of tests and qualifications you need to pass before being able to run for a specific office. The tests are to see your knowledge and qualifications to hold the position

I hope this catches on with our American neighbours.

This is off topic, but I wonder if you have any thoughts on the vote this week in Turkey that you could share?
Julian Assange recalls how it is all started

Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace: The Saudi businessman who recruited mujahedin now uses them for large-scale building projects in Sudan. Robert Fisk met him in Almatig ... 65715.html

The gullible western reporter is Robert Fisk

With his high cheekbones, narrow eyes and long brown robe, Mr Bin Laden looks every inch the mountain warrior of mujahedin legend.
Stephen50right wrote:I wouldn't be surprised if Muslims petitioned the Olympic committee to make terrorism an Olympic sport. Sort of whichever athlete kills the most infidels in one hour get the gold. Muslims would win the gold, silver, and bronze every time.
The Muslims wouldn't stand a chance against Christian Americans. A truck just doesn't stack up to drones and carpet bombing.
Drlee wrote:Islamists, should they possess the intelligence of a gnat, should see the far left as their worst nightmare. Please acquaint yourself with the term Islamist.

No the far left are brilliant for Islamists. They helped bring down the Shah and opened the way for the Muslim terrorists to take over in Iran. In Egypt in the Arab Spring we saw leftists paving the way for the Muslim Brotherhood. The far left in Europe are working night and day to flood Europe with Muslims and undermine all attempts to control Muslim immigration. There was a time when Communists were a real threat, but those days are long gone. No no the Muslims don't need to worry about the far left, they're just useful idiots. They can be swept away, no problem once they have served their purpose.
@AJS ... 79265.html

The lack of concern about Islamism extends to the so-called anti-war movement.

Anas al-Tikriti, a current Vice-President of the Stop the War Coalition, has said that calls for an Islamic state should “not scare us…or bring about a negative reaction”.

The first Stop the War movement was during the second Boer war (1899-1902), at that time the liberals and the radicals were all pro Boer, ignoring the fact that they were racists and slave owners. Only in the 60's the British liberals and the left will turn against Apartheid. Seems we are witnessing the same process.
AJS wrote:The relationship between Islamists and "the left" is a strange phenomenon but quite real. There's an article in the (left wing) Independent here ... 79265.html

Which discusses it with a rare frankness.

Yes, you managed to find one editorial that agrees with your claim that leftists support Islamist causes.

But no real evidence such as what I asked you for.
Again people keep discussing the merits of Islam and Muslims, as if these should be the criteria for determining immigration policies.

It is important to remember that none of this was a problem in the 1960s. It only emerged since the 1980s and most of us were oblivious to it until the events of September 2001.

The South African whites are living as an ethnic minority, but the majority that surrounds them is not Muslim. It does not make their situation any better.
Political Interest wrote:
The South African whites are living as an ethnic minority, but the majority that surrounds them is not Muslim. It does not make their situation any better.

The point is the self righteousness of the left. When pro Boer fever captured Britain, George Bernard Shaw was the lone voice to remind the public how racist arrogants are the poor Boer. The anti Apartheid campaigners were the spiritual inheritors of them. It took them 60 years to turn against them. As then, today they see only part of the Muslim/Arab political cause.
It must be nice to ignore actual facts and news and just make up stuff about how the left loves Islam and Islam causes immigration and terrorism. Get yourself all scared....

Sad but true. It must be like waking up in a scary movie every day.

My main objection to the argument of most of the right is that they target Muslims as uniquely incompatible with European societies while ignoring the main challenge that demographic decline poses to Europeans. It could be Muslims or any other non-Europeans living in a European state, it really is immaterial. If Europeans become an ethnic minority it will not matter whether they are surrounded by Korean shamanists or Algerian Muslims.

Therefore to make the argument that we should not have Muslims in our countries because they are such uniquely terrible people is incorrect and unhelpful. Muslims do not pose any unique existential threat to European societies, but our insistence on ignoring our demographic collapse certainly is an existential threat. The vast majority of Muslims are normal people and it is only a small fringe that participate in anti-social activities. Unfortunately most Westerners are liberals and want multicultural societies, which most certainly will result in the marginalisation of Europeans in the long term.

Therefore our reason to oppose mass immigration must not be out of anti-Muslim sentiment but instead because we recognise that we have the potential to become an ethnic minority in our own ancestral lands.

As I mentioned before, it is possible to be an ethnic minority in a non-Muslim country and still suffer because of such a situation. The Boers in South Africa live among African Christians and animists, yet their position is still marginalised. People like Wilders and Le Pen seem to be suggesting that there is a unique problem with Muslims but the real issue is that we are actively choosing to abolish ourselves with mass immigration. There enter into England nearly 200,000 settlers from abroad each year and close to 100,000 passports are granted to foreigners. That is the sort of immigration that a settler colony receives.
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