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The use of triple parentheses around words or names will be regarded by me from now on as trolling - because it's either an attempt to wind up other users not by making an actual argument, but by trying to say "Jew" repeatedly, or it's a form of 'vice signalling', in which the perpetrator is saying to readers with similar views "yes, I'm anti-semitic, aren't I good?". There is no justifiable point in it.

Sentences, paragraphs or posts containing triple parentheses may be deleted without warning from now on in this forum.
This is not a topic for discussion or debate.

For those with complaints about moderator policy please make them in the basement. That is what it is for.

For those complaining that we are overlooking rule violations. Please report them using the reporting button or posting a link in the basement. That is what those tools are for since mods cannot read every post in every thread.

If you think we need to change how we go about dealing with a specific topic please make a post in the basement and no where else. Any problems with moderation, moderators, or site policy belong there.

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