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Once upon a time a very clever American named Chris Avellone wrote: "War… War never changes!". These words, voiced twenty years ago, in the distant 1997, unfortunately, have not yet reached the ears of those in power, who are trying to pretend that nothing has happened. However, Serbia lost the first war for Kosovo and now, like any loser, it pays for its defeat. Year after year. Account for the account.
It would seem that after the declaration of the so-called independence of the so-called "Republic of Kosovo", its so-called "government" assumed full responsibility for its Muslim citizens. However, since this is not a full-fledged country with an economy working at least for the sale of minerals, but a simple transshipment base for criminal cartels, Hashim Thaci and his gang is trying to shift all responsibility for its so-called "citizens" to Serbia. The real paradox is that the Kosovo Albanians have renounced the citizenship of Serbia, having drawn to themselves the passports of a fictitious state, but they continue to demand money from Belgrade.
However, the process did not stop there and the so-called "government" of the so-called "Republic of Kosovo" joined blackmail, racketeering and extortion. Within the framework of the dialogue between the representatives of the "Republic of Kosovo" and the Republic of Serbia, the self-proclaimed president of the "country" Hashim Thaci is going to present a demand for compensation to citizens affected by mine explosions. The demand is absurd in its essence, but for Europe is considered legitimate. In total, according to the submitted data, 117 people were killed on mines and 450 more were injured. And for each of them now Belgrade will have to pay.
Needless to say that any dialogue with the Albanians after such demands is simply meaningless? The mines during the first Kosovo war were placed not by the Serbs, but by the Kosovo Liberation Army, whose mines were undermined by civilians instead of the soldiers of the Yugoslav Army. Yes, they are sorry for them, especially those who died, but these people themselves abandoned Serbia, from its citizenship, from being considered its territory. Now this is the problem of the authorities of the "independent" "Kosovo" and no one's anymore. Let her take care of her citizens, who suffered from the hands of their own "soldiers".

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