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Blair was a fool, but people seem to be forgetting the real culprit for Iraq... Bush Jr. With faulty US intelligence that was most likely made up and the promises of contracts (oil) going to allies of the US 9/11 retalliation missions, Bush created a poodle. The poodle then created his minions in Westminster and today we are STILL living with the consequences of this illegal war. As pointed out by @Heisenberg, under UK law Blair didn't do anything illegal. Under international law he did. The UN didn't support the Iraq war, Iraq didn't threaten or invade the US or any of their allies. They didn't have any weapons of mass destruction and most importantly of all, they kept all their promises when it came to sanctions that had imposed on them for the first Gulf War. It has turned out that Iraq was indeed illegal. VERY ILLEGAL. And it is only because the US and their Western allies are rich and powerful which has kept Bush, Blair etc. out of the Hague. And unfortunately this is always going to be the case. Sometimes justice isn't served.
skinster wrote:And you don't have to be very radical to hate a warmonger like Blair.

Some war mongers need to be brought to justice, Saddam Hussein, Mummar Gadaffi, Fidel Castro to name but three.

The real culprits for Iraq's sorry state are the Muslims.
Looking back, Tony Blair was one of the best British leaders in history, especially in the sphere of domestic policies. I especially liked his brand of multiculturalism and the Blair era was almost utopian compared to post-Brexit Britain. His alliance with President Bush was unavoidable, given the special relationship between the two Anglo-Saxon countries, and he has taken too much blame for Britain's involvement in Bush's war.
ThirdTerm wrote:Looking back, Tony Blair was one of the best British leaders in history, especially in the sphere of domestic policies.


He betrayed everything the Labour party stands for and governed as a Tory. He privatised more than Thatcher did. He was awful in government and only in the interest of rich foreigners rather than in the interest of the working class as Labour should do.
Blair? A warmonger?
Stooge maybe.
I just have trouble envisioning that ultra-whitebread, momma's boy as a warmonger.

Blair was a "me too!" warmonger. He was Dubya's Mini-Me. You know how in Hollywood movies about street gangs there's always a scrawny-looking kid who shadows the gang leader and always echoes his threats to the hero? Well, that was Blair.
skinster wrote:I hope for the day he's hanged along with the rest who were responsible for the destruction of Iraq.

That will never happen. They won't even prosecute Hillary Clinton for destroying official records under Congressional subpoena. What was Comey's excuse? He didn't receive a referral from Congress.

Heisenberg wrote:(1) Tony Blair will never be prosecuted over the Iraq war. It is a fantasy that people need to get over. By all means, let waiters and barmen keep "arresting" him, because it's funny to see Blair reduced to a laughing stock. But don't expect anything real to come of it.

That is indeed humorous. However, you are right. The establishment is failing and the people of the United States, Britain, and many in the EU countries have had enough of them.

anarchist wrote:The crime of aggression is a crime under international law.
Article 4 of the UN Charter.

You don't really take that seriously do you? That's just an excuse for imperial powers to take down smaller powers while giving it a veneer of legality.

Decky wrote:B'liar should hang for treason. He sent British soldiers to their deaths to achieve American foreign policy goals, he the put the civilians of this country at risk by making us a target for terrorist attacks and he squandered British tax payers money on a war the bought no benefit whatsoever to the British people (in fact it harmed them by putting their lives at risk every time they step onto public transport).

Well, Britain is part of the "America rules the world" cabal. So whoever was prime minister, if not Blair, would have done exactly the same thing. That's why blaming one guy isn't an effective strategy for meaningful change. You could blame Blair for importing a fuck ton of Muslims who think women are second class, and find it okay to chop people's heads of for making of them. However, the same problem would have arisen if anybody else in the establishment--regardless of party--were the PM.

Potemkin wrote:The truth is that all states are 'rogue' states. It's just that some of them are powerful and/or rich enough to get away with it (eg, the UK, the USA, &c) and others aren't (eg, North Korea, Saddam's Iraq, &c). This is the way it has always been, since the day the first city-states were founded on the mud-flats of Sumeria....

Well said...
Potemkin wrote:Blair was a "me too!" warmonger. He was Dubya's Mini-Me. You know how in Hollywood movies about street gangs there's always a scrawny-looking kid who shadows the gang leader and always echoes his threats to the hero? Well, that was Blair.

Hardly Blair led America into Kosovo. Blair clearly wanted to up the temperature with Saddam, before Dubyha was even elected. Blair was the mascot of Liberal interventionism. W Bush was its arch opponent. It was only after 9/11 that the Bushes took Liberal interventionism to unimagined insanities with Laura Bush's "No Afghan School girl left behind".

Now of course while people continue to pretend to themselves that there is no Muslim problem then scape goats for the Muslim problem must constantly be found. There is an unholy alliance between the Isamophillic left and the extreme racist right. The Extreme racist right that wishes everything to be a racial problem has no more interest in confronting Islam than the left. I saw a thing the other day where this girl had been raped by a Muslim and then in a separate incident got raped by another Muslim. Of course the media describe them as Asians. The far right love it because it whips up racial hatred and the left love it because it protects their beloved Muslims. At the end of the day the Left will throw every one: Women, children, gays, Lesbians, Asians under the bus to protect their beloved Muslims.

Strengthening majority in Iraq, but minority in the world Shia against the Sunni Arabs was a no brainer for me. Regime change in iraq was the smart move. Trying to turn Iraq into an Israel loving, multi cultural minarchist paradise was cretinism personified.
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