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Die Welt wrote:An Islamic theologian has investigated how radicalization of Muslims in Europe is related to their knowledge of their own religion. The widespread view that radical Muslims know little about Islam is wrong.

According to a study, Islamic teaching plays a greater role in the radicalization of young Muslims in Europe than is often assumed. Frustration and a lack of career prospects alone are in no way a motive for the transformation from the Muslim to the Islamist, according to the study of the Islamic theologian Ednan Aslan, who was active at the University of Vienna, from which the newspaper Die Tagespost quoted on Wednesday.

The widespread opinion that radical Muslims have mostly little knowledge of their religion has not been confirmed, according to the 310-page investigation published on Tuesday. It is based on 29 biographical interviews with delinquent Muslims in Austria.

Aslan, who is a professor of Islamic Religious Education at the University of Vienna, emphasizes that the "intensive examination of theological topics" is a turning point in their lives for many respondents. His conclusion: "Regardless of their religious knowledge, a radicalized person in theology sees an offer that gives meaning and structure to their lives." It is interesting to note that the majority of the respondents came from a Muslim parental home and already knew the fundamental teachings of Islam before their radicalization.

Salafism is understood by those affected as a holistic concept that governs all areas of life. Radical milieus provide logistical support and help spread Islamic and Jihadist thought. A central role was played by certain mosques and religious authorities: "Persons with a higher theological knowledge function as authorities and play a central role in the spread of ideology," the study said.

It is important that the process of radicalization is not only the demarcation from secular Western society, but also from the majority of Muslims. "The radical groups and individuals see themselves as the only true Muslims," the investigation said.

The social environment is perceived as rotten, democracy is rejected, the West is declared the enemy of the Muslim world. The 18-month empirical study was supported by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

And here I thought the cries of "Allahu Akbar" that accompany the axing, stabbing, and blowing up infidels had nothing whatsoever to do with the most peaceful religion of all.
The West doesn't understand what Islam means. The manifestation of Islamic radicalization can appear in a secular, nationalist or pan Islamic solidarity, you don't need to wear hijab or to visit a mosque, to be devoted jihadist.

The Algerian historian Ali Merad (born 1929), wrote in his book Le califat, une autorité pour l’islam ? [The Caliphate, an authority for Islam?], 2008, “the Muslim minorities in Europe and the Islamic diaspora in the New World... These peoples and communities are looking to affirm their presence on the international scene, to organize their own solidarity, and to give back historical visibility to the mother community (the Ummah), whose universalist vocation has for a long time been opposed by Western expansionism and hegemony. (p. 9) Eurabia

People who are really into religion know a lot about their religion? Shocking news here, who could have imagined such a thing? Thanks are due to Die Welt for this earth shattering, groundbreaking study! Well done for digging this up Frollein. Tell me, do you think the Teutonic knights knew anything about Christianity? Do you think the Waffen SS read any fascist books? Do you think the KPD had more than a passing familiarity with Marxism?

I am simply astounded by this discovery, astounded.
This is indeed a nothing article and common sense would suggest radical teachings would influence a weak minded Muslim. Apart from highlighting that radical Muslims know something about their religion it's doesn't actually address what causes the radicalization in the first place.

Like the bible, the Qur'an is written a long time ago is an language that isn't modern, that has then been interpreted by a medieval hand and distributed all over the world today with no modern editing for new editions. So natually you are going to find things within it that can contradict, be confused or even interpreted in different ways.

Would-be radical Muslims, like every terrorist regardless of faith, tend to look for a purpose in life because they are from a low social background with little prospect in terms of advancement. Radical clerics/Muslims know this and use it to their advantage to promote their propaganda and gain support for their ideology. They will then preach a contentious verse of the Qur'an and teach it to their interpretation of it and ignore all positive elements of the Qur'an that would contradict their teachings. Being of a weak mind and with little hope, people can then get radicalised.

You too have fallen foul of this Frollein. Someone of your intelligence and no doubt of low social standing seems to focused more on the minority of Muslim terrorists and not on the peaceful majority. It appears you are determined to keep this persona on PoFo to somehow have a purpose on here. It gives your life a meaning perhaps. I don't know. However you are not as vocal as you used to. Maybe you are finally seeing the light.
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One Degree wrote::hmm: I wonder why this condemnation of generalizations is absent when applied to white men? :?:

Some people are bigoted against white men but partial to Islam. Consequently even the mildest and most harmless of white men is a living depiction of evil whilst even swarms of mad bombers do nothing to taint the Religion of Peas.
SolarCross wrote:Some people are bigoted against white men but partial to Islam. Consequently even the mildest and most harmless of white men is a living depiction of evil whilst even swarms of mad bombers do nothing to taint the Religion of Peas.

Why do they partial to Islam? It's all started with the petro dollars in the 70's. They were the one who financed the studies of Edward Said and the others. Since it's coming from the academy and the established media it's very hard to fight against it.

Despite this, there is grass roots slow process, but not so much in the elites

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The prophet Muhammed was a warlord and religious zealot. He fought a holy war against unbelievers and massacred his opponents. His actions have become memorialised in the sunnah, a cornerstone of the Islamic religion. All Muslims are expected to behave in a similar way as Muhammed the warlord and religious zealot, as based on the sunnah.

The Q'uran itself propagates an unequivocal message of religious dominance and conquest. Unbelievers shall be conquered. Jihad is the means by which such a thing is accomplished. The historical spread of Islam is characterized by bloody conquest and violent expansionism.

Islamic radicalism = Islamic fundamentalism.

The average peaceful Muslim is by the standards of the Q'uran and Sunnah a poor excuse for a Muslim. The ignorance of their own religion makes them part of the civilized human race. Once they truly start to embrace their religion they become as monstrous and genocidal as Muhammed their paragon of perfection.
@The Sabbaticus

The sunnah have been proven over and over again to be full of contradictions and lies. Furthermore the sunnah's legitimacy depends on your sect. This is why many Islamic terrorists are Sunni, a sect that encourages studying the Quran and Sunnah not that many do so anyways. Most Sunnis in the Middle East, from what I can see, are Sunni either because they were born into being Sunni or because they want to be something else but can't because the official state religion of their country is Sunnism.

You haven't even read the Quran outside of some out of context verses. The literal only section that talks about war is the last section at the end of the book and half of that talks about inner jihad which is about spiritual enlightenment. The Quran talks about lots of good stuff, or at least stuff that may allow the Middle East to secularize and modernize (which is what I am personally interested in).

Characterized by western conservatives who pretend that the Islamic empire = Islam and ignore Islam's spread through India, Anatolia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Most of the Indian Sub-Continent, Egypt, and iran. Is every European war show that Christianity spreads violently?

Depends on the interpretation. That's according to a study which consisted of 30 people with only a relatively small part of them being radicals.

"How many Muslims are in the world again? 1.5 billion? Yeah, 30 people represents that I guess" [email protected] Sabbaticus
Frollein wrote:And here I thought the cries of "Allahu Akbar" that accompany the axing, stabbing, and blowing up infidels had nothing whatsoever to do with the most peaceful religion of all.

Islam was really the most peaceful religion half a century ago. There were Jewish terrorists, like Menachem Begin and other radical Zionists, and Jewish terrorists were already active in Tsarists Russia. So Jewish terrorism was the oldest kind of terrorism we experienced in European societies.

There were Catholic separatists in North Ireland half a century ago, but there were still NO Muslims terrorists.

So the reason of Muslim Terrorism has nothing to do with traditional Islam, this terrorism was created by Mossad and Western Secret Cervices. They used this terrorism to fight Soviets in Afghanistan, Serbs in Yougoslavia and Russians in Chechnya. ISIS is de facto an ally of Israel, if ISIS unintentionally kills Israelis, they immediately apologise, and ISIS terrorists are treated in Israeli hospitals.

Is it not obvious that Zionists are more concerned about non-radical Muslim states, like it was the case with Irak, Syria or Lybia, than about really radical Islamic states, like Saudi Arabia, the ally of Israel?

Is it not obvious that Zionits use radical Islamists to promote their agenda?

I wonder if these Islamists got out of control, or if the Western "deep state" has some plans, that are not in the interests of Europeans?

Why are they shipping thousands and thousands of young Muslims into Western countries, while their native countries are destroyed in crazy wars for "freedom" and "democracy", and their relatives are killed by Europeans or Americans?

Most Western Lemmings really believe that the West is free and democratic.

Most Normies believe that only "haters" are imprisoned in the West, speak people who express their non-violent but "hateful" opinion about some events of WWII.
The Normies are permitted to elect their leaders, and this gives them the feeling that they can influence something.

And the most stupid of western Lemmings even believe that Western "democracy" and other decadent values can be exported into Muslims countries, and that Muslims want this, and they believe that Muslim countries can be bombed into "democracy".
Unfortunately, the brains of western Lemmings were destroyed by the Media and the liberal school system, speak by unelected elites that control these important institutions.

MSM, Banksters and the "deep state" are the real rulers of the West, politicians are just pathetic puppets:


The stupidity of the Western Lemmings is the reason for the decline of the West, the Muslims are only useful idiots, small pawns in the big chess play of non-Muslim Grandmasters.

Frollein, why are you constantly talking about the symptoms of the disease, that is killing the West, but never mention the reason of the disease?
Frollein, why are you constantly talking about the symptoms of the disease, that is killing the West, but never mention the reason of the disease?

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