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Frollein wrote:And here I thought the cries of "Allahu Akbar" that accompany the axing, stabbing, and blowing up infidels had nothing whatsoever to do with the most peaceful religion of all.

I wonder how much money they got for that new study. I did not need a study to tell me that Islam played a big part in all this Islamic terrorism. I thought that was just common sense.

Praise the Lord

WTF are you talking about?

In the first place, there is no such thing as Arabs. To speak in the singular of an Arab discourse is an aberration. The Arab world is driven by a multiplicity of points of view. At the time, one could single out four major ideological currents, which extend from western liberalism, through Marxism and nationalism, to Islamic fundamentalism. In regard to these four, two, namely western liberalism and Marxism, clearly rejected Nazism, in part on shared grounds (such as the heritage of enlightenment thinkers, and the denunciation of Nazism as a form of racism), and partially because of their geopolitical affiliations. On this issue, Arab nationalism is contradictory. If one looks into it closely, however, the number of nationalistic groups which identified themselves with Nazi propaganda turns out to be quite scaled-down. There is only one clone of Nazism in the Arab world, namely the Syrian social national party, which was founded by a Lebanese Christian, Antoun Saadeh. The Young Egypt Party flirted for a time with Nazism, but it was a fickle, weathercock party. As to accusations that the Ba'ath party was, from the very outset in the 1940s, inspired by Nazism, they are completely false.[21]

Hitler and fascist ideology were controversial in the Arab world, just as they were in Europe, with both supporters and opponents. You can't just shove all Muslims together and say ALL of them were supporting Hitler and Nazis.


The Zionist narrative of the Arab world is based centrally around one figure who is ubiquitous in this whole issue—the Jerusalem Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini, who collaborated with the Nazis. But the historical record is actually quite diverse. The initial reaction to Nazism and Hitler in the Arab world and especially from the intellectual elite was very critical towards Nazism, which was perceived as a totalitarian, racist and imperialist phenomenon. It was criticized by the liberals or what I call the liberal Westernizers, i.e. those who were attracted by Western liberalism, as well as by the Marxists and left-wing nationalists who denounced Nazism as another form of imperialism. In fact, only one of the major ideological currents in the Arab world developed a strong affinity with Western anti-Semitism, and that was Islamic fundamentalism—not all Islam or Islamic movements but those with the most reactionary interpretations of Islam. They reacted to what was happening in Palestine by espousing Western anti-Semitic attitudes.

This was written by Gilbert Achcar, a professor of Development Studies at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, and he argues that historical narratives often over-emphasize collaboration and under-appreciate progressive Arab political history, overshadowing the many dimensions of conflict between Nazism and the Arab World. He accuses Zionists of promulgating a 'collaborationist' narrative for partisan purposes. He proposes that the dominant Arab political attitudes were 'anti-colonialism' and 'anti-Zionism,' though only a comparatively small faction adopted anti-Semitism, and most Arabs were actually pro-Ally and anti-Axis (as evidenced by the high number of Arabs who fought for Allied forces).
Oxymandias wrote:@Hindsite

Islam is a big part of Islamic terrorism, but it certainly isn't proof that Islam is literally Hitler. Considering how vague the Quran really is (and how debatable the Hadiths are), a guy can study the Quran and become a Rumi and a guy can study the Quran and become a ISIS.

I made no claim that Islam is literally Hitler. You must be confusing me with someone else. I am glad I study the Holy Bible, because I am glad I became a Christian.

Praise the Lord
Hindsite wrote:I made no claim that Islam is literally Hitler.

Playing the "Hitler-Card" is a kindergarten level of discussion.

Potemkin wrote:I wonder which group of people he could be referring to, Frollein? Hmm... it's a mystery, isn't it? :eh:

The Russians? Or Putin, the "New Hitler"?


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Oxymandias wrote:@Hindsite

It's a representation of how people such as you view Islam. Hitler is just used as a representation of evil.

Okay. I do believe Islam is the work of the Devil. The religion of Islam represents a false god and a false prophet as well as Satan the Devil's influence. It is certainly an Antichrist religion - no doubt in my mind.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Praise the Lord

Why? The obvious answer is no, a quick google search would show you this. Why are you so obsessed with notifying me to random topics that aren't even related to this topic? What even is the point of talking about that at all? Do you think it's like proof that Iran sucks or something? (that's such a stupid and immature idea) You do realize that everyone watches western films in Iran, it's just only illegally.

If you aren't going to answer to the points I gave to you previously then please, do not post on this topic anymore, do not link me to random topics asking questions that are so simple and so easy to find answers to that you would be essentially using me as a google search tool.

You suck at posting noir, more than even that guy who copy pastes large, incoherent, and unformatted essays for no fucking reason.
Islam is... the Devil.

Odd, I thought it was America that is "the Great Satan, the wounded snake." (.شیطان بزرگ، مار زخمی شده است).

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