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I think that China would love for a chance to lash out at us especially considering that our planes have been flying over the South China sea and they are not happy about that...remember the upside down planes their pilots flew? They want to keep us in check and they expect obedience.

I agree that China wants what's in their best interest and they do not want to get involved. But if the US does anything that they do not like, they will make a noise and act accordingly.
I assume you do not actually believe that stuff.

Scary, isn't it? NATO does not actually believe that stuff. MAD appears to be a dead parrot.

wiki wrote:NATO has repeatedly rejected calls for adopting NFU [No First Use] policy, arguing that pre-emptive nuclear strike is a key option.
Kim has to keep up the provocative moves. Without them he is nothing. Without the US to rail against, he would need to raise living standards. Unfortunately, for China, a war means a huge poverty stricken refugee crisis. And there is nothing much of value in it for the US either, apart from the removal of the threat.

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