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Many companies in the United States have started to show who they really are. On both the democratic side and the conservatives, companies are pushing their preferences. In the past two decades, US manufacturing and technology companies have been outsourcing production or services to foreign companies which have arguably been costing jobs in the United States. MyPillow ( has been pushing the Made in USA message and the founder also shows his cross sign in the ads. San Francisco based leading technology company Apprit Technology Group ( has been pushing the message that there is no shortage of technical talent in the United States. As the leader in education and invention, United States produces the best and it does not need to import unskilled labor, Apprit has said several times. This is in stark contrast to what other technology companies are saying, especially in the liberal city of San Francisco. On the other hand, US companies who have historically exported jobs to foreign nations to cut their cuts are under deep pressure from President Donald Trump. Numerous companies have been relocating their operations back to US. In contrast, technology companies like Google Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Apple do not like Trump’s agenda. They have been trying to suppress the news that favors conservatives, leading a consortium to bring the websites that align right. Do you think that companies like Apprit Technology Group and MyPillow and broadly companies who push AMERICA agenda be pushed away? Don’t you think they are biased? Don’t you think they have a preference of hiring only people who “look like them”? Wouldn’t that be unfair to the general community?

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