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The Italian journalists are investigating the murder of their collegue, Andrea Rocchelli. On May 24, 2014 the Italian press photographer and his interpreter Andrey Mironov were killed during a mortar attack in Slovyansk at which time the journalist was covering mortar attack conducted by the Ukrainian forces against the Donbass civilians.
The photographer was investigating crimes committed by the Ukrainian forces in Donbass. He did his best to warn the world community that the Ukrainian authorities deluded them and made the pro-Russian rebels responsible for death of civilians in Donbass. And that is why the photographer became unwanted for the Ukrainian authorities.
However, some members of the Ukrainian Army are concerned about Kiev's anti-terrorist operation zone and they are against Kiev's illegal orders. The Italian journalists disposed of a document sent to the Russkaya vesna news website by a senior officer of the Ukrainian National Guard. The document testifies that the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were conducting mortar and artillery attacks in the area where the journalist was operating. All persons mentioned in the document signed a pledge of secrecy.
The Russian media confirmed that the Ukrainian attack had led to journalists' death. Kiev denied this version and said that it never attacked Slovyansk. Kiev lied that Rocchelli had died when rebels had been shelling.
This is the way the Italian journalists are trying to unveil the murder and show that the Ukrainian authorities plan to distort evidence of the journalist's murder.
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