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Decky wrote:Only in your own imagination. In reality the left do not want privately owned companies to exist, let alone for them to have any kind of power over anything.

Americans in particular seem to want to push out this nonsensical propaganda where the left are pro business and business is pro left. Why would business support the same people who want to exile them from the country (at the very least) and take ever single bit of their property down to the last stick of furniture?

That's the ancient left, there are few of those left now (no pun intended), just a few fanatics. The new left, like to periodically show how cool they are by signaling against "capitalism" but when it comes down to it are more than happy to remain customers of Starbucks and Apple and would actually be rather sad at the prospect of the government having the sole right to serve coffee or manufacture communication devices, because there is nothing cool about waiting all day for cup of cold coffee that tastes like liquid dogshit (because it is liquid dogshit) or trying to make a phonecall on a mobile phone that is not legally allowed to exist.

So instead they get their rebellious kicks in ways that don't injure their own interests quite so much (who said leftists are dumb?) by shaking their fists at common sense stuff like sexual dimorphism, human biodiversity etc.

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