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By MB.
There were many precapitalist societies that used money. The conditions before capitalism are often described as mercantalism.

Anyway, Molloch is obviously a psychosomatic representation of evil, often associated with greed, industrialism, and power concentration among the elite.

I think we can all agree with this definition.

Mercantilism is a form of capitalism referring to the dominant economic thought of late 14th to early 19th century. It isn't pre-capitalism. Capitalism, in essence, is an economic system that uses money. Any economic system that uses money is capitalist. Money is defined as object that can be used freely as the standard for the exchange of goods.

The main subject of this topic isn't trying to find out what Moloch is. It is a topic discussing the article linked above. If you have a better idea as to what Moloch is or if have a better interpretation of the poem quoted in the beginning of the essay, then please explain why your ideas are a better description than the one found in the article.

For arguments sake, I disagree. I find that the author's interpretation is more detailed and thorough than your interpretation. After all he did write an entire essay on the subject while you only wrote a quick couple of generalizations and called it a day.

(Note: I apologize if I sounded a bit aggressive or authoritarian. I simply want to read your full in-depth thoughts on the essay and Moloch. You did it so well previously when you criticized the article in regards to its endorsement of super intelligent AI and Singularity which goes to show you're one of the few people to even bother reading the essay. I'm just very interested in reading the rest of your thoughts and ideas.)

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