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In Australia both parties have used the three colors of the Australian flag, but Labor uses Red as the predominant color and it's alternative short form logo is fully red. Based on Tony Blair's stupidly simplistic "New Labour" logo with the white southern cross on blue on the left, the Americanized version of the name in white on a red background to the right(identical to the New Labour logo, without the u). Obviously the Red is used due to it representing the classical socialist usage of the Red Flag. The blue section is more interesting because although based on the Aussie flag it removes the union jack. Probably for simplicity purposes, but it's an interesting removal.

Liberal party is three flag like shapes forming a large blue L. Blue is the operative dominant color, due to it's association with classical liberalism, but the Australian flag is fully represented in the lower left flag shape. The name appears in full in large blue letters at the bottom(or in the alternative horizontal logo, the L is the three flag shapes followed by the rest of the word).

I find the use of colors and the ideologies represented to be fascinating.

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