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By Hong Wu
It seems clear to me that SJW's are made up of an alliance of the following kinds of people: male feminists who use the concept of women's emancipation to justify ironically alpha male-like behavior, literal cucks, most homosexuals and transvestites and finally the women who "love" them. Their alliance is against any white person who prefers normal sexual behavior. The nexus between these groups is not just their sexual deviance (the nature of which I realize I may be short-changing), more so it is their hostility towards people who don't share those behaviors.

I think if the far left is going to use the term "cis" and make arguments about how families cause inequality and so-on, it might be smart to develop a term for what it is that binds SJWs together against the "cis". I'd humbly suggest the term hostile perversion because that's basically what this is. It's not enough for them to be promiscuous, or be a cuck or so-on, they also have to be hostile towards people who aren't promiscuous or who lack for any sexual deviancy.

Of course, a lighter term than perversion might also work here, even though that is what I personally believe it is. There are also some class-based undertones at work because while the middle classes tend to be monogamous, the lower ends of society and (these days at least) the failed children of the upper crust seem to not be monogamous and they are aware of the difference in "staying power" this bestows, hence the "families cause inequality" arguments and their hostility towards anything that might produce a family.
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By QatzelOk
Thing is, other than the basics (don't kill, don't lie, don't torture), social norms are highly subjective. We often poo-poo things without actually knowing what the negative side-effects are, and the rich are constantly imposing their own selfish interests on the rest of society by disguising their desires as 'public morality.'

This is why many marginalized groups find themselves at odds with social norms and practices.

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