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Pants-of-dog wrote:@XogGyux

Every time I have been in a Cuban hospital, it has never looked like those photos.

So, according to your preferred methodology, I have shown myself that these photos are inaccurate.

I'll bite. Which hospitals did you visit, for what reasons? you dont have to be specific, I don't want to inquire about your personal health. I mean where you there for some sort of scheduled visit as part of a delegation? Anything that could be part of media coverage :lol: or did you have some sort of unexpected accident/health scare that prompted you an unscheduuled visit to the nearest hospital? Did you go to a tourist hospital such as Cira Garcia? You do realize those places are off-limits to regular cubas do you? :lol:
Pants-of-dog wrote:Anyone who has walked through poor barrios in Santiago de Chile, the DF, and other Latin American cities can literally smell the difference. Cuban neighborhoods do not smell like that.

It's too bad you can't post the smell of those neighborhoods via a site like
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