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I find it amusing because 'cunt' is a gender neutral term of endearment in the UK. Even if you use it in a gendered manner the fact that male equivalents exist stops it being sexist.
Point is, the same people reacting emotionally about it are the same people who don’t blink at calling men “dicks” when a man is a scumbag, a jerk, etc. The alt-right beta cucks are being strangely PC about it (due to sore, gaping butts over the Roseanne thing), while average people commenting on it are silly considering the above about using genital-related words.

And then yet other people are trying to make it seem like Ivanka, who is just another scumbag in the family, has been victimized or something, the poor dear! :lol:
To be honest, I found it a bit strong, but was it really any worse than other things she's said on her show? :?:

Most of the time I like her show, as she makes good points. Sometimes she goes a little off-kilter, however, and this one was one of those times.

Bret Stephens from NBC on Bill Maher's show said it right:
"We should be able to make intelligent distinctions between what Roseanne said, which was an example of hatred, and what Samantha Bee said, which was an example of outrage... her outrage at an outrageous police towards immigrants."

"So yes, she shouldn't have used either the word she used, or misused the word feckless, which really is almost as criminal, but I get her point, which is that she is furious that Ivanka Trump is participating, but not suffering, the moral consequences of an administration that is forcibly separating mothers from their children, something that should never happen in America."

Trump had no problem with people wearing 'Hillary is a Cunt' t-shirts at his rallies. Cunt's an insult that is OK when it's aimed at an opponent, but not his daughter?
This is a horrifying thread. To think that you could simply diminish the horrendous history of this hateful term and all that it represents. The unadulterated hatred of women. Bulaba Jones is obviously a misogynist and I shudder to think the victims he has made in his personal life. /s

For the record, this thread is the epitome of laziness.

Bulaba Jones wrote:It’s interesting seeing people feign being shocked and appalled about a rich, spoiled, entitled, corrupt social parasite. How dare someone call them a name!

That is intellectually dishonest considering the timing of it. Don't you think it has at lot to do with the typical fake outrage from the leftist mob and Rosanne's comments and the leftist television stations reactions ?
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