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Freedom of speech in the USA. Wow. What a radical thing. :lol:

This isn't Reddit and 4Chan. Your English is atrocious(punctuation, grammar, spelling), you have no argument, and all you do is ramble on like a teenager without a clue as to how the sentence is going to end. Try doing more than just blathering on about nonsense.

*You're* pathetic.

Post a link to what you're talking about, so we can discuss it in an informed manner.

Is that too much to ask?

The are extremely few(if any) Democrats on this forum, so who are you addressing? :?:
Yea godstud its to much for you to ask imnnot your bitch or ears or eyes .

You know full well that Barr offered to let 6 democrats look at the report and 6 republicans.
Well no democrats took that offer .
Republicans did however.

The same democrats know full well that Barr cant make the names or the content of grand jury testimony public.
It would be illegal . he has released every thing else to them. So democrats issue subpoenas trying to force Barr to do so.

There no debate about this its fact. But democrats would debate rhe fact that a cow was dead.

All of this is simply a show for the media and the voters with a sub par intelegence.

Now Im not saying republicans dont put on some dog and pony shows they sure do no doubt.
But more of a small carnival type while democrats put on the full 3 ring show with a huge big top tent car loads of clowns the entire works.

Yes we need more investigations .
Democrats have investigated trump before he became president you even got stormy to talk about hos penis size.
Gone after all his lawyers his tax returns his kids .
And your still going strong.
A grand dog and poney show go debate that. [Mod edit, rule 2 - be respectful to other forum members. Prosthetic Conscience, moderator]
Thst would be a better debate dont you think.
3 black students went into gibson bakers and began shop lifting .
The owner called the police.
The 3 students were arrested but claimed the bakers discriminated aginst them and they were racially profiled.
After being arrested they admitted the store owner did not discriminate aginst them and the police did not.
Oberlin College students staged protest aginst the bakers . the police were close to calling the riot squad the school suspended business with the bakery.And a staff member was using a bull horn .
Typical democrat behavior based on race not facts not the law attack the inocent.
The bakery is taking the school to court I hope they sue them for a couple million.

Identity politics the race card typical democrat tactics.
Yes hes running for president and not doing well .
So instead of talking policy and what he will do for America its time for a moronic attack on trump.

Yes hes claiming trump tower has a excessive emissions.and plans on fining him.

How many thousands of buildings in nyc is the mayor ignoring so he can make a few pathic points with voters.
Dig deep o by the way god stud am I taking the mayors threats out of contex also.
Yes comey and hillary a british spy. Who said I dont know if the info I handed over was true and fusion gps and more will soon get the mueller affect as AG Barr has started a investigation into how the fisa court issued a warrent and how the russia investigation got started.

I think comey will have his chestnuts roasted big time and hillary will probally get political protection

There will be a bunch of FBI agents who end up crying.
I hope they enjoy the legal fees

It seems Michel steel the british spy who did the information gathering on the dossier said it had to be ready for election day . pretty plain why hey
The Justice Department offered 12 congressional leaders -- party leaders and the heads of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees -- and a staff member each the ability to view a version of the Mueller report that only contained redactions of grand jury material, which the Justice Department has argued it is prohibited by law from sharing without a court order. That version of the report contains material that was redacted in the public report because it was classified, connected to ongoing investigations or contained information about peripheral third parties.

But Democrats rejected that proposal from the Justice Department in their quest to obtain the full, unredacted Mueller report and the special counsel's underlying evidence. They argued they should be allowed to read the full report, with grand jury material, and they also objected to the fact that only the six congressional leaders from each party can read the less-redacted report, pushing for the full Intelligence and Judiciary Committees to be allowed to read it.

"The department has placed unacceptable limitations on access to that information," Nadler said at Wednesday's contempt hearing. "Their offer would block the members of this committee from reading those sections of the report for themselves. ... It would prevent me from speaking with my colleagues with other members of the committee about what I might see. What good is it? Of what use can this committee make of information that I have but can't discuss with any other member of the committee?" ... index.html

The Democrats rejected the deal because only the six congressional leaders from each party can read the less-redacted report. Nadler said the full membership of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees should be able to read the less-redacted report. Redacted parts are associated with ongoing investigations (i.e. WikiLeaks, the IRA).

Yes we have democrats crying for open boards but what's the benefit .

Well it makes it easier for millions of illegals to enter they good people or gang bangers .

Next it makes it easier for terrorists to sneek in the nation something that must really benefit America

And of course it makes it easy to smuggle fentanyl cocaine heroin and meth into America that sure must be a big bonus to democrats.

Yes the benefits of an open border that so many democrats want it plain it will held destabilize America help bankrupt it and make as many of us as possible dope heads.

Yes democrats have a plan its special
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If you were wise enough to actually read what was said, you might understand, but you made your mind up first, and so comment from a position of ignorance. :O
Educate yourself. Nobody wants open borders. That's a myth.

Few Americans Want Open Borders— Democrats Included
Trump and his supporters often label his critics as believers in “open borders.” Most aren’t.

The reaction is now predictable: Argue for treating undocumented immigrants humanely on American soil and you’ll find yourself accused of believing in “open borders.” As if it’s a binary, either/or position. You either believe in building Trump’s “Great Wall.” You believe in separating children from their parents at the U.S. border. You believe in removing undocumented immigrants from the country who have lived here for decades. Or you believe in “open borders.” It’s a blunt rhetorical trick. It’s crass. But it works. So it’s employed by everyone from the current president down to the many supporters and trolls who carry his water on social media.

Fear mongering, of course, lies at the heart of this accusation. The implication being that critics of Trump’s policies, Democrats in particular, don’t care about safety. They don’t mind who comes into the country. And in turn, that accusation comes coupled with insinuations that those immigrants sneaking across our borders are scary, violent people.

In fact,the vast majority of Americans—including most Democrats—don’t believe in so-called “open borders.” That’s not to say that no one believes in open borders. Certainly, there are people who do. But most don’t. And open borders is not a policy the Democratic party supports; it’s not part of their platform. Regardless of how many times Trump and his supporters may claim otherwise.

Trump’s statements about Democrats and open borders, whether on Twitter or elsewhere, are pretty much the same. He trots out a claim that “Democrats do not care about Open Borders.” An unsupported claim that even seems to imply that we have open borders right now. But we don’t have open borders. We have visas and passports and crossing stations and Border Patrol and ICE checkpoints and over 650 miles of fence at the U.S./Mexico border.

Trump repeatedly claims that Democrats “want open borders.” But nobody in leadership on the left promotes open borders. Nobody. Let’s clarify: not one or two people. Zero percent of the elected leadership of Democrats or independents have suggested the U.S. should have open borders. And there’s certainly no policy of open borders embraced by the Democratic Party.

In reality, both primary political parties embrace pretty strict immigration policies. And neither promotes anything remotely like “open borders.”

Barack Obama certainly didn’t believe in open borders. By 2015, President Obama had deported some 2.5 million people with time remaining in office. That was already half a million more than George W. Bush deported his entire time as president. Some human rights groups referred to Obama as “The Deporter in Chief.” True, those higher numbers can partly be attributed to a change at the time in how we defined a “deportation.” Still, that’s hardly an administration characterized by open borders.

In 2010, Obama signed a bill designating $600 million to fund 1,500 new Border Patrol agents, customs inspectors, and law enforcement officials along our border with Mexico. He ordered 1,200 National Guard troops to the border. And he oversaw the development of a virtual fence, utilizing surveillance sensors, radar, cameras, and drones, which would span 1,300 miles of our border at a projected cost of almost $7 billion. The Department of Homeland Security ended that effort after $1 billion was spent and the results deemed ineffective and too expensive.

These are hardly the actions of an “open borders” president. ... a12884c133
a person, especially a lodger, who is supplied with regular meals.
a member of a boarding party.

the part or edge of a surface or area that forms its outer boundary.
the line that separates one country, state, province, etc., from another; frontier line

I am sorry to bring this to the attention of our readers but I saw this mistake once too often.
Thank you, please proceed with your debates.
Ter wrote:I am sorry to bring this to the attention of our readers but I saw this mistake once too often.
Thank you, please proceed with your debates.

“Open boarders”.

No, keep the boarders closed. I do not want to see their internal organs.
By The trigger
Well the first thing Ill touch on is how uncle joe biden claims we are not in competition with china.

Except for cortez I dont think I have heard a democrat make a more stupid remark.

China is probally the biggest competition from a economic stand point we have.

We are in economic competition with the world basically.

Now democrats and thier media are crying about the trade war with china.
China has been screwing us for years on tariffs.
President trump is trying to change this.

Now obviously the democratic and some republicans method of pretty please china has not worked.

Yep in the short term some industrys will feel some pain and some consumers but in the long run Americans will benifit .

In the mean time democrats will cry and complain like a ingorant child
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By quetzalcoatl
You do understand that China is not paying these tariffs?

The tariffs are paid at the receiving end by importers, and the cost is passed along to US consumers. The effect is, in theory, to reduce imports by making them more expensive.

Trump is missing the fact that a trade "deficit" isn't necessarily bad. If you pass large tax cuts, this increases the federal budget deficit, while conversely China having a trade surplus increases the fiscal "headroom" for Trump's stimulus program. So these two initiatives are working against each other, instead of in concert. No doubt Trump's economists understand this, but at some point they just shrug their shoulders and let it go.
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@The trigger,

Many Americans are hateful towards socialism. Americans tend to be very religious people, especially in the Midwest and in the former Confederate south, where socialism is hated very much. Americans are family oriented people. Americans also LOVE money, and this is where the hostility towards socialism really gets at.

Welfare exists to prevent domestic abuse without speaking against it on a massive scale (to not make the family institution look bad). Social security exists to make elders spend money as much as they can, so that companies of all sort can make money. Unemployment benefits, which really don't benefit people most of the time, exist to protect wage slaves from being homeless. Medicare is only for lower working class people, disabled people, and people with special status. Most working class occupants, like truck drivers, plumbers, or electricians, usually don't get it. Welfare in the States is mismanaged because EVERYTHING is mismanaged in the States. Americans love to WASTE!

Nazi Germany was not socialist. They wanted to privatize the public transportation system (trains, busing, subways, etc.). They also wanted to privatize the welfare system, and to reduce welfare benefits. Nazi Germany also supported domestic companies that are family oriented, to keep people under the family institution. Nazi Germany also desired to abolish common law, which gave total power to landlords, ruling husbands, and religious figures.

Venezuela is not socialist. Their housing is so short, that there are many households that have three generations under one roof, and that getting a divorce would still make one live with their ex due to a shortage of housing.

Many "socialists" in the States are not really socialists. Some are social democrats. Some are Christian "socialists" which have very little in common with scientific socialism. Some of them are anarchists. Some are just radical liberals who have no fucking clue what socialism is. And the CPUSA is NOT socialist.
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