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I have on several occasions experienced a Level 3 parallel universe, in which each possible observation corresponds to a different universe. At the start of 2016, one such experience doomed the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton.

My Korean lady friend had expressed disappointment that her favorite TV show, The Good Wife, was on hiatus for the holidays. On Thursday, December 31, 2015, I received my daily newspaper, which included the A&E Source section, featuring the TV schedule for the next week. I checked the Sunday listing and found new episodes of Madam Secretary and The Good Wife scheduled for 7 and 8 p.m. That evening I informed my friend of the good news.

On Sunday, January 3, 2016, I discovered from spot announcements during a football game that episodes of Undercover Boss and Limitless filled the 7 to 9 p.m. spots on CBS. I rechecked A&E Source and found those two shows listed where I had previously seen Madam Secretary and The Good Wife on the same page. The universe had changed; a new year brought a new reality.

The seeming “error” in TV programming was an omen for Hillary Clinton. Madam Secretary and The Good Wife are considered by many to be Hollywood’s rosy variations on the life and career of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and the long-suffering wife of a philandering politician. Indeed, while recovering from pneumonia during her presidential campaign, Hillary said she was catching up on back episodes of both programs.

Since the pseudo-Hillary episodes were replaced by Undercover Boss and Limitless, Hillary was “dropped” from her “schedule” of success and replaced by Donald Trump, the ultimate TV Boss who kept his tax returns Undercover and demonstrated a Limitless capacity to shock and offend his opponents.
Patrickov wrote:Does this imply that Donald Trump, or his enablers, had been manipulating the media to make those who didn't know better vote him?

This is not about manipulating media; it’s about manipulating reality. I don’t know who or what caused the universe to split into two versions: one where Hillary became president and one where Trump did. Perhaps the split that occurred on or about January 1, 2016 left a “quantum signature” that scientists can detect.

We need to find and open the portal to the parallel universe in which Hillary was elected President. Once that gateway is open, the Trump resisters can escape to a friendly country and, presumably, there would be traffic coming the other way from conservatives chaffing under the victory of the Social Justice Warrior crowd.

This may be our best chance to avoid a civil war.

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