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By ness31
How does a teenager survive a torpedo blast to guide it to its target?
By ness31
Not much guiding going on then eh?
By ness31
Okay. I don’t really believe it, but I’m not very bright.
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By Spider-Man
ness31 wrote:Okay. I don’t really believe it, but I’m not very bright.

Kaiten (回天, literal translation: "Turn the Heaven", commonly rendered as "turn of the Heaven's will", "the heaven shaker"[1]) were manned torpedoes and suicide craft, used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the final stages of World War II. At least you admit you're not very bright. I love people that can admit that they are mistaken. I guess I'm not very bright either
By ness31
I know about the Kamikaze, but not the torpedos. I can’t picture someone in an actual torpedo. But there you go.

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