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Technological Utopianism: A solution to Technological Unemployment

We all want to cheer every time a robot puts someone out of work. Work should be optional given the productivity gains we are seeing and the cost of living. Our governments should be spending more of our tax-dollars on something many seem to want. I'm for robotics that are owned by all of the citizens of a country. Fully automated robotics factories, with self replicating robotic arms. Highly automated renewable energy, windmills or underwater water mills. Highly automated steel production. Highly automated chip manufacturing, and Linux. I've seen some automated building manufacturing companies starting up as well. Other prerequisite products can eventually be manufactured as well. All source code and blueprints have to be fully owned with rights to an infinite amount of use. All owned by the citizens of the country concerned. Small factories at first, with all of the bugs worked out, so that it largely builds itself in the end. It should be affordable, I'm an economic conservative. Eventually the complex can produce consumer goods besides steel, energy, chips, buildings, and robotics. Charities and the open source community can help as well. I support liberal licensing agreements of source code and blueprints, to allow royalty free replication. Surpluses could be sold to pay for additional engineering by those ambitious. Revenues would be paid to those citizens who have invested. Continued exponential self-replication would eventually lead to true post-scarcity, for every citizen of a country.

I believe that voters may wish to change the name of our government to 'The Employees of the People of Canada'.

I support a party policy, within a Polls Party, where no individual member of the party has the right to overrule the statistically average voter, on any significant issue. Strong freedom of speech protection needs to be supported, along with a public process to ensure that all statistically relevant opinions make it to the 'official polls' These public 'official polls' would become party policy, and potentially law. As one can obtain a fairly accurate measure of the populations wishes with a relatively small public poll, between 100-1000 people for example, most voters would likely never have to take an official poll. If you were by chance to recieve an official poll, it would be requested that you spend a day or so researching the issue so that you could make an informed choice, possibly with pay.

I'm for a peaceful transition of mentality, through freedom of speech and vote. We are a democracy. As citizens, government employees are truly our employees. Our government is not a ruling class. Voters should remember to be respectful of their valuable employees. Although there may well be layoffs, and individuals who are undesired, one should always take the time to note that many employees are necessary and valuable. They should also be respectful of the polls process, individual opinions are not necessarily representative of the statistically average voter. Harassment of the citizens employees by individuals with undemocratic opinions should not be tolerated.

Although tax the rich sloganing will sound attractive, I don't support it. Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. Historically, as governments have put businesses out of business, unemployment rises. Governments can hire at this point to decrease unemployment, or 'stimulate' the economy through spending. The result is a larger more controlling government and a smaller capitalist economy. Taken to extremes, Communist economic policy does not work. Lean government capitalism has been historically shown to provide the best average wage for the average worker, as well as opportunity. A leaner government allows for tax cuts for everybody. Businesses boom and the average worker gets a tax break.

Warren Clayton Harding


The Roaring Twenties. According to Wikipedia, the twenties were 'a period of sustained economic prosperity', there was 'unprecedented industrial growth'.

Warren Gamaliel Harding was President from 1921-1923, Calvin Coolidge was in between 1923-1929. Also from Wikipedia, 'The nation's unemployment rate dropped by half during Harding's administration'. Harding has been described as the worst President America ever had. Coolidge's economic policy has also been criticized. Economic success is one of the key concerns of voters, so who's complaining? Harding cut government spending in half, Coolidge kept cutting. The voters seemed happy, it was the roaring twenties.

A quote from the Washington Post, from an article by Eric Foner.
Harding and Coolidge are best remembered for the corruption of their years in office (1921-23 and 1923-29, respectively) and for channeling money and favors to big business.

A quote from Wikipedia:
The Roaring Twenties is a term sometimes used to refer to the 1920s, characterizing the decade's distinctive cultural edge in most of the major cities of the "west" for a period of sustained economic prosperity.

Harding and Coolidge were in office during the twenties, what a shame they weren't remembered better. The great depression started eight months after Hoover took office.

From Wikipedia: Harding appointed Charles Dawes, known for being an effective financier, as the first director of the Bureau of the Budget. Dawes reduced government spending by $1.5 billion his first year as director, a 25% reduction, along with another 25% reduction the following year. In effect, the Government budget was nearly cut in ½ in just two years.[116]

From the Washington Post:
Eric Foner is DeWitt Clinton professor of history at Columbia University.

From Columbia University:
Columbia University Awarded $42 Million By U.S. Government To Help Minimize Impact Of Climate Variations.

Problems due to conflicts of interest that economically conservative politicians face include: Disgruntled government employees fearing losing their jobs who might forward more than the usual amount of reports of problems with the economically conservative administration. Poorly investigated reports of problems from those who are pro-spending. Disgruntled campaign contributors, special interest groups, government employees and other politicians can all be a source of problems. Outright corruption, and more than the normal amount of assistance with those who support attack ad like strategies. One of the more interesting discrepancies that can be witnessed is the number of people repeating statements along the lines of Harding being 'indecisive' and 'ineffectual'. He ran on a fiscally conservative platform and got the job done. So was Harding the worst President America ever had? Or the best? HE STARTED THE ROARING TWENTIES!

Russia’s average salary currently stands at 23,600 rubles ($790), an 18-percent increase in real terms and a 70-percent boost in nominal terms, he said.

By Warren Clayton Harding
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Elect G-Max wrote:I also demand robot sex slaves.

Silent Cal was probably our best post-1913 President.

He remains silent to this day.
Once the rumor mill reaches a certain size, no-one wants to say anything. No one wants to look odd doing so. I was named after President Warren Harding. My dad never cared what people had to say about him, he knew the story from our side of the fence. I'm not going to back off from telling our side of the story. Some pro-spending individuals truly deserve the term attack ad pushing leach.
Consider what exponential self replication means. The robotic arm is the centerpiece of automated manufacturing so I'll concentrate on that for a moment. Suppose one has achieved a situation where all of the subcomponents of a robotic arm can be manufactured within your complex. Power, steel, motors, bearings, buildings, etc. Suppose that the complex can self replicate so that the number of robotic arms you have doubles every month. You start with 50 arms building another 50 arms, those 100 build another 100, those 200 build another 200 etc. Due to the exponential singularity effect, you will have 838,860,800 robotic arms within two years. If you don't believe me grab a calculator(you have one in Windows), type 50*2, then tap the equals sign a couple times. Note the doubling effect. Tap the equals sign 24 times altogether for 24 months. Welcome to the post-scarcity world of free personal jets for the poor. The only reason to stop is due to animal rights concerns, which I support. There are of course fundamental engineering challenges that need to be met. Achieving the one month cycle time is one. Royalty free intellectual property rights allowing replication of every subcomponent is another. Completely manufacturing the initial set of subcomponents is a third.

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