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The Centrelink Law Reform Australia Group:

Come and see what it is all about. We need the numbers!

We have started The Centrelink Law Reform Australia Group on Facebook on Thursday the 2nd April 2015 and have 129 Members in a few days.

The Members of this Group believe that Private Companies, Government Contracted Companies should be stopped from scamming for illegally obtained Commonwealth monies above human life!

Please Join us and contribute your experience to steer policy Reform, invite some friends.

Cheers, Gary

Decky wrote:No more deaths for politics? Good luck with that, you would need to get rid of all wars just for starters.

Yes, thanks for your reply.

I get the broad statement is not literally possible.

Our Group is focused on Politically motivated Service Removal by Australian Government "False Breaching of the Unemployed or Pensioners" and the new Australian Legislation that removes the right to Appeal.

Compared to America this could be a holiday park but we don't want to allow political persecution and murder which has taken hold.

Social Security Legislation Amended January 2015: Gives Private Companies the power to remove Job Seeker payments with No Appeal rights
In Australia, people who raised these matters with documentation have just disappeared.

When I posted material through Scribd Publishing, the links were blocked by Facebook at behest of Government, claimed to be dangerous!
10 Facebook accounts suspended one after the other.

We are seeing people Trolling for Government making claims to discredit the person posting, rather then trying to argue with the material.

There have been many deaths here, silenced by our Government.
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