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The AIPAC Policy Conference 2017 will be held Sunday, March 26th – Tuesday, March 28th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center located at 801 Mt Vernon Place Washington, DC 20001. This is between 7th and 9th Streets and N Street and New York Avenue in Washington, DC. Telephone: 202-249-3000


This is Donald Trump at American Israel Public Affairs Policy Conference ast year...

Pence at AIPAC: Trump still seriously considering moving embassy to Jerusalem
In passionate speech at annual confab, vice president celebrates Friedman as newly-confirmed envoy to Israel; vows admin will confront Iran, seek Israeli-Palestinian peace ... jerusalem/

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame became the first African leader to address Washington’s biggest pro-Israel forum Sunday, hailing the Jewish state as an inspiration for his own country’s rebirth after genocide. ... -at-aipac/

It seems the conference went ahead ayway.
Oh well, it was a nice day out for the protesters.
A friend of mine was either at that protest OR supporting it on Facebook. Half Israeli, 100% committed to Israel, student at Harvard. No dummy. Very interesting times. Just as many issues need to be debated in a level-headed manner, the occupation needs to be as well without being heckled as a leftist.

Silencing others with slurs seems to be the trend of the times, not the issues themselves.
danholo, there were tons of Jewish students from the IfNotNow organization out to protest AIPAC yesterday. They were very organized and did well shutting down entrances to the conference centre, as well as getting inside the conference to unfurl their anti-occupation banners.

They also countered the assholes from the Jewish Defense League who were out, looking ready to fight anyone; the IfNotNow kids countered any attempts of violence from the JDL with songs that sound like peace-related Hebrew songs. Still, some were attacked, along with anti-zionists; last I heard, two are still in hospital. There's tons of footage of the attacks and I saw a few of the JDL were arrested.
Trump gets too much money from his Jewish friends to even consider this. He's probably at Maralago, anyways, avoiding this, and racking up millions of expenses for American tax-payers.

Stephen50right wrote:Israel is forever, and Sharia Law will never be allowed anywhere in the United States.
You are quite ignorant about this, aren't you? Shariah law is already in the US, if Muslims are in the US. They have the same religious laws that Christians and Jews enjoy, in that they can marry couples and enjoy other things WITHIN the religion.

Please read this:
5 Things You Need To Know About Sharia Law
Many religions have legal codes that offer ethical and moral guidelines for practitioners of the faith ― from the canon law of the Catholic Church to Jewish religious rules and practices, called Halakhah (which, like Sharia, also means “the path that one walks.”)

You do NOT need to worry about Sharia dominating American life and courts.

Because nothing trumps the U.S. Constitution. No national Muslim organization has ever called for Sharia to supercede American courts. It’s completely beside the point of Sharia and it’s not something American Muslims want. ... c3ee507c01

Decky wrote:They act just as their ideological forebears did on kristallnacht.
Sick burn! :lol:
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