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By Agent Steel
All these football fans are upset and I find it funny. They love the sport so much but they also love the country at the same time, and they want to fire all the players who are kneeling. I'm all for that. I think football is overrated and we should boycott it just for that reason. I want the whole league to kneel that way we can fire all of them.
By Decky
Just watch a hetrosexual sport like rugby instead of a bunch of ballerinas prancing about in armour and running for 3 whole mins before taking a rest and acting like that makes them some sort of athlete. :lol:
By Hindsite
Tonight at the start of the Dallas Cowboys verses Arizona Cardinals NFL game, Jerry Jones had his team do it differently. He went out in the middle of the field and hooked arms with his team and took a knee with the whole Dallas Cowboys team. Then they retreated to the sidelines were the stood as a very large American flag was spread out just above the ground that cover the whole field. Then all players on both sides remained standing as the National Anthem was sung. This gives respect to free speech protest, our national Anthem, our flag, and our Country. Praise the Lord.

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