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This is from Amnesty International....

URGENT: Release 16 year old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi

16-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has been called the ‘Rosa Parks of Palestine’. For years, she and her family have bravely stood up against the Israeli occupation. But she now faces up to 10 years in prison over an altercation with Israeli soldiers.

On 15 December, Ahed Tamimi and her family were protesting against Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In a horrifying turn of events, Ahed’s 14-year-old cousin, Mohammed, was shot in the head at close range by an Israeli soldier. He required intensive surgery, where part of his skull was removed, in order to dislodge the rubber bullet.

Later that day, Ahed also came face to face with Israeli soldiers, when they entered the yard of her family’s house. A video, which has since gone viral, shows the unarmed teenage girl slapping, shoving and kicking two armed Israeli soldiers who are wearing protective gear. It was clear she posed no actual threat to them – as they lightly swatted her advances away. But now she could face up to 10 years in prison - a punishment which is blatantly disproportionate.

On 19 December, Ahed’s home was raided by Israeli soldiers during the night. She was arrested – and now faces charges of aggravated assault, obstructing the work of soldiers, and incitement.

In detention, she endured aggressive interrogations, sometimes at night, and threats made against her family. Her trial before an Israeli military juvenile court is imminent - we must mobilise quickly and effectively.

There is nothing Ahed Tamimi has done that can justify the continuing detention of a 16-year-old child. She is one of approximately 350 Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons and detention centres.

Help us put global pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Call on him to:

Release, without any delay, 16-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, who could face up to 10 years in prison.
Ensure that Palestinian children are not subjected to detention or imprisonment except in cases where it is demonstrably necessary and proportionate as a last resort for the shortest appropriate period of time.
Suntzu wrote:A picture of her mother. The guy isn't her father.

Really! I always thought she got her looks from him. He is known as her father. What reason or proof do you believe there is that her Mother was unfaithful and who was she unfaithful with? Please provide proper proof. Why do you have a problem with Bassem Tamimi being her father. Not only do they seem to share looks but most certainly temperment. Why would you expect her not to be like her father? You are making very serious accusations against people. Ones that cannot be made just because of prejudice but must have proof to back them up.
Suntzu wrote:This is the internet. :lol:

What is the Internet. You seem to like to write in riddles.

Suntzu wrote:
Do you think folks would be as sympathetic if she looked like the average Palestinian?

Oh so this is where your racism comes from. I understand Israel believes that the West is moved by her because she looks white. Total racism. Her father was born ten weeks after Israel's occupation of Palestine. He and Ahed have lived their entire lives as prisoners under brutal occupations. Ahed has lost several loved ones when Israel soldiers had the desire to kill.

https://nabisalehsolidarity.wordpress.c ... ji-tamimi/

https://nabisalehsolidarity.wordpress.c ... di-tamimi/

The first Palestinian killed this year was also a 17 year old cousin of hers ... 41041.html

972 have video footage which show it is a murder.

She has had to live being treated as a person without rights, subordinate to Israeli Jews, She has had to live every day knowing it might be her last having witnessed the killing of friends and family, she has had to watch Israel taking her homeland from her by the gun and other brutal tactics like for instance in Nabi Saleh removing their water supply, putting up road blocks stopping them getting to school or work, arresting children in the dead of night and forcing them through violence to confess to anything . Her father has lived all his life also enduring this. He brought up his children to know the truth of what happened and that they were in no way inferior. Ahed knows that and that is what Israel cannot stand. She acts as if she was free. What Ahed has done and what Israel cannot stand is she has psychicly removed herself from the position of a colonised person with no rights who must succumb. She dares to feel equal to an Israeli Jew. That Israelis cannot stand.

De-colonize your mind
“First, remove the occupation from your head”. This is a popular saying in the village. For years I thought it referred to us, the Jewish-Israeli guests: that we should renounce the occupation and commit ourselves to practical solidarity in order to be accepted as allies in the village. But as I watched the video in which Ahed strikes two fully armed soldiers in her front yard, for the first time I understood the flip side of this slogan: Ahed, just as Bassem and many others before them, removed the occupation from her own head. With her blow– as well as all her other acts of resistance – she accomplished that which scares Zionism the most: she de-colonized her own mind. She couldn’t remove the real occupation from her home, so she removed the fear of it from her head. In that moment, as her hand flew in the direction of the helmeted officer’s face, Ahed was briefly free.

And that’s precisely what made the Israeli media and society at large livid. Zionism is used to regarding Palestinians either as primitives ([b]the host of a popular Israeli talk show couldn’t believe that Bassem isn’t a farmer, but rather a civil servant with a master’s degree in economics), or as “Islamic terrorists”. The fact that a young Palestinian woman fights back against armed soldiers invading her home, even wearing “western clothes” and her hair loose while doing it, was too much for Zionism to bear. Ahed was taken away from her home at 4am, trailed by a military camera team.[/b] The footage was sent to all Israeli TV channels and opened the evening news – as if it was an exclusive video from the raid on Osama Bin-Laden. Zionist masculinity had been literally slapped in the face and demanded revenge.

From :A Childhood in Struggle – My Encounters with Ahed Tamimi ... hed-Tamimi

She is her father's daughter and trying to pretend anything else is pure fantasy like Israel is now trying to pretend her cousin who was shot in the head an hour or so before she hit the soldier, fell off his bike. Falling of bikes for Palestinians now results in medical records and scan photos showing rubber bullets with steel inserts implanted in a child's brain - but that is the inability of Israel and her supporters to face what they do which lets me know they are very scared of their real treatment of Palestinians getting out and are going totally insane trying to hide it. They also cannot stand the idea that Palestinian young women would act exactly the same as Western women might in the same situation. That does not fit in with their racist belief that Palestinians are inherently inferior. As you point out hiding the truth is made more difficult in the internet age when information is widely available.
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