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I have written several members of the United States Congress in regards to veterans issues. If you are an American citizen and you want to help effect change, then you should write an email that is respectful even if you disagree with your Congressman on a lot of issues. Talk about a specific piece of legislation and what actions you want your Congressman to take. If you have a particular issue, ask your member of Congressional representative to introduce a piece of legislation to the House or Senate floor to address that issue.

It is also particularly important that you give your Congressional representative your zip code and phone number so that they know you are a legitimate constituent living in the district they represent. Also, in addition to writing an email, telephone call those same representatives you wrote to tell them what action you would like for them to take on a particular piece of legislation or that you would like for them to introduce a piece of legislation onto the House or Senate floor. Again, make sure you give them your zip code so that they know you live in the district they represent and that you are a constituent. Calling and writing an email both seems to help in my view.
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