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Robert Urbanek wrote:... L.L. Bean.

This company had a descendant supporting Trump in 2016 and attracted an attempt of boycott.

Very much like the Maxim Group in Hong Kong. They also had a descendant vocally supporting China, Carrie Lam Government and the violent police, causing boycott or even vandalism against their business (even businesses franchised to them, e.g. Starbucks). According to some unreported claims, more than 70 shops related to the Group shut down due to decline in sales.

Both are interesting case studies on the topic, i.e. whether boycotting over political orientation is a viable option.
Robert Urbanek wrote:Many voters are reportedly indifferent to the impeachment process and other grievances against Trump and will make their 2020 voting decisions on their personal welfare: I’m doing ok and will vote for Trump because the economy is doing ok.

Should liberals sabotage the economy to make that less true? By sabotage, I mean simply refusing to buy anything that is not essential to your survival: the latest smart phone, the latest vehicle, the most stylish clothes. Stay home more and don’t travel and eat out less often. All that would presumably cause a recession that would negate support for Trump. A side effect is that less consumption would have the environmental benefit of consuming less resources and fuel.

Of course, all that would require self-discipline by the left, a quality I doubt that have.

I think the libtards should boycott the Trump economy by migrating to their spiritual homeland in China.
SolarCross wrote:I think the libtards should boycott the Trump economy by migrating to their spiritual homeland in China.

You seemed to have missed the somewhat ironic development. Through self- isolation and economic hardship, the coronavirus has forced people to “boycott” the Trump economy whether they wanted to or not.
@Robert Urbanek

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, we are basically boycotting the Trump economy right now, quite literally.

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