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Saeko wrote:I swear to God, this overwhelming and tiresome obsession with the transfolk (and transwomen in particular, funny how transmen don't get anywhere near as much hate (though they certainly do)) needs to be classified as a mental illness.

You do realize that the whole issue in this thread is that the police chose to confront this man over it?
I agree, that constitutes an "obsession", when police visit people to investigate a poem they copied & pasted on Twitter.

In my view, the issue in this story isn't about Trans, it's about the Thought Police.
But maybe in your view, police doing this sort of stuff is perfectly normal and reasonable??
Godstud wrote:He's a hateful twat spreading hate. Investigate the douchebag. It's also not a limerick. It's almost a diatribe.

Thankfully, some nations have Hate Speech laws, to prevent it getting to the point where it physically harms people. You do not have the freedom to spread hate.

BS. People shouldn't be investigated by the cops for posting tweets that don't target anyone specific and don't threaten anything, including violence.

The only hate speech laws that should exists are threats against persons or groups. "I don't like X, Y or Z" shouldn't be a crime. People are entitled to their opinion regardless of how stupid they look. Nobody has a right not to be offended. […]

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