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Please, everyone, don't confuse Heinie with "the Germans". He's quite an embarrassment to us, which is why we convinced him to relocate to Spain.

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lupus75 wrote:Jo Cox killed because she wanted to remain in Europe.
What a terrible event. The person who did this is an example of the worst waste of humanity.
Know what you are voting, BREXIT is a return back to Nationalism and England will be completely alone to manage everything. Economy, work and financially it will be a huge disaster, and a huge immigration problem. The European people who work in and with England will all leave England ....
Therefore it is very important to remain together in Europe !

Machiavellian politics are hardball, and political assassinations have been going on for a very long time, since Medieval times.

I think the MP Cox assassination demonstrates several things --

1 - MP's need bodyguards.

2 - History has shown that you can still assassinate anyone.

3 - Anyone who feels strongly enough about their own political views is going to impose them on the rest of their society with a gun or a knife or a bomb.

4 - One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter -- Irish independence has already proven this and now BREXIT is proving it again.

5 - MP's need to be more careful about their outspokenness and activism.

6 - If you outlaw guns then only outlaws will have guns.

7 - Knife crime supplants gun crime so gun control does not stop crime.

My condolences regarding your MP Cox. Very sad.
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