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George Washington was against partisan politics and political parties.

This was crushingly naive of him. Political parties are pretty much inevitable as there is no way to prevent people from forming coalitions with people of like minds.

Especially in a first past the post system like the US's since that inevitably creates a two party system.

The right/left dichotomy has split the USA and revealed a very violent side of many Americans.

You don't exactly need politics to reveal a violent side to people. Humanity is rather violent all on it's own regardless.

I didn't watch the video because, well, I've probably heard it before and cultural marxism isn't a term that makes me think it's a serious commentary.
What nation does NOT have 2 major parties?

One is always pro-Labor while the other is always pro-wealth.

In the USA the pro-Labor is called "Democrat" while the other is called "Republican".

The Democrats are all for social safety nets while the Republicans are all for more tax cuts for the rich.

In the UK the labor party is 52% while the tories are 48%. We just found that out with the Brexit referendum. Thank you Mr. Cameron.

In the USA the Dem's are 52% while the GOPs (Republicans) are 47%. Mitt Romney spoke of the 47% extensively and how they are dependent on tax cuts for the rich. The other 1% in the USA are wacko environmentalists, anarchists, etc.

PRC-China, N.Korea, and Cuba only have one party and the party chooses for you.

Mother Russia is experimenting with several parties however many of their opposition candidates end up accidentally ingesting heavy metals which kill you in a week or two. Darn! Such bad luck!
I think this guy has alot of insight. There are too many of those who are caught up in their own idealogies to listen to opposing views long enough to faciliate compromise and instead resort to violence. There is a reason for this however, because there really cannot be compromise on alot of issues. You either allow "x" or you don't. You CAN allow "x" to a certain degree, but it will not be enough for many and too much for the rest.

I hate to be a pessimist but I don't think Americans will let go of their ideologies, as even I am uncompromising on somethings. You may try to take my guns but I'll send you the bullets first. This is why I am becoming a fan of decentralizing. Let the left have the left and the right have the right. When the time comes perhaps the left or right will split further into two or more parties. We can work this out.

"Let us therefore animate and encourage eachother and show that a free man is superior than any slavish mercenary on earth.." GW
In countries with more than two major parties a coalition forms between parties with compatible ideologies. This means that more compromise has to be made because only the largest party in the coalition picks the the prime minister. So voting for a smaller party will mean you essentially voted for the larger. In a two party system (the US) you at least know that who you vote for will stick with their own party.

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