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Ongoing wars and conflict resolution, international agreements or lack thereof. Nationhood, secessionist movements, national 'home' government versus internationalist trends and globalisation.

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No, the posession of nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them over some distance does not in and of itself make a country a "Great Power". The effect of nuclear weapons on the behavior of states that posess them varies from case to case. In most cases, so far, nuclear weapons have exerted a stabilizing influence. But posession of a nuclear weapon may also make a state more adventurous, because it is seen as a guarantee of safety.
IMO Nukes as a weapon are passe (other than when we want to end all life).

As the clock tics, individuals gain personal access to the ever increasing power of small inexpensive devices to dispense selective and growing destruction and war will be conducted on a more personal basis using such weapons to replace the ballot in influencing direction.

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