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List of the most powerful countries in the world to my own mind.

0. EU
1. China
2. USA
3. Russia
4. Germany
5. UK
6. France
7. India
8. Japan
9. South Korea
10. Brasil

Boring listing
1) USA
2) USA
3) Russia
4) Russia
5) Russia
6) China
7) Eu-Britain
9) Eu-Germany
10) Doesnt matter. Everybody else are regional powers who can only project beyond their border not world wide.
Criteria would be territory (defines potential resource base) and demographic (defines potential of human resource pool).

India just needs to get its shit together but I remain optimistic. US and other western examples have reached their peak, Us can grow more with its natural demographic growth but it will be slow growth, Europe is filled to the brim, losing workers and resource-scarce. Russia is too depopulated and will be for some time to come but has enormous resource potential dwarfing all others. It need only start growing its population again.
Igor Antunov wrote:In terms of inherent strength;


Europe isn't unified yet, if it were I would place it above the US, behind India.

In terms of inherent wealth/level of national indebtedness;

Igor Antunov wrote:Criteria would be territory (defines potential resource base) and demographic

I would add criteria such as the ability to control other nations by subtle means. Israel does control USA foreign policy to a large extent via the Israel lobby inside the USA. Right now I see Cuba controlling Venezuela using its moles and G2 agents, and projecting this power by bribery and blackmail to other nations. It´s subtle but effective. This is why I put Cuba ahead of Brazil. As far as I can see the Brazilians are afraid of the Castro dictatorship (an entity I consider a fascist militarist one, rather than communist as it likes to pain itself).
The only criteria I used was GDP (nominal), military expenditures and nuclear forces.

By that criteria I think it should have been if you had made two separated lists, one for economic power and another for military strengh.

I think that any reasonable investor in this world would say that you can't ignore the US, Japan, Germany and the BRIC, and that after them come the others. So that would be the list for economic power. I would order like:

5: the rest

Now, militarily speaking, I think that any reasonable general would say that the US, China and Russia rule the world. Some will argue that "India" has great "manpower", and it certainly has, but how influential around the world is India? Sure, they can throw a nuke 2 meters away from their border (and destroy themselves too), but what else?

3: the rest

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