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Afghanistan, rich in minerals and oil that China is keen to exploit, is a critical part of that network.

I've said it in the past and I will say it again. America has wasted its future in Afghanistan. China will now stroll in and take all the bounty it needs to make itself a world power.

This is what happens when your country becomes a fanatical and crazy bastion of wrong wingism.
China gobbling up resources? They're already dominating Africa I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Yeah in my opinion there's a new great game going on.
I agree with the posit that the Great Game is still being played in Afghanistan. However, correct me if I am wrong. There are US troops in Afghanistan, along with other troops from Western Europe. There are no Chinese troops there and unlikely to be. Not a good position for China, yes?

The continuing collapse of Pakistan as a nation continues with no help from China, which means that India will probably be the power that will have more influence over Afghanistan once Pakistan collapses. India is allied with the West.

Yes, the Great Game continues with the West in the advantage.
Euroman wrote:China reaps the spoils of America's folly

Afghanistan, rich in minerals and oil that China is keen to exploit, is a critical part of that network.

I don't think we went into Afghanistan to get their mineral resources.

Also, Iraq. "War for oil" that China won, somehow.
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