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By Drlee
Yes, i know, it is typical american reaction. You didn't really care much what another third world country run by a despot thought about you before Pearl Harbour, for example. Maybe you'll change your mind when nuclear missile will come to your backyard. I afraid it should be little bit late then, isn't it?


Here is the reality of that. For 60 years the US and Russia have had had missiles or bombers pointed at one-another. Over 55 years ago I was taught in school to "duck and cover" when I saw a flash. No flash. There were fallout shelters everywhere including in every school I attended. No flash. Khrushchev threatened to nuke us every time he had a cocktail. No flash. Putin is a cold warrior just like myself. He is a despot but he is not suicidal. There will be no flash. Russia knows that it would be instantly obliterated with no hope of any kind of recognizable society emerging.

Now some fools like Iran or North Korea might attempt to use a nuke but not Putin. Nukes or not Russia is still a bankrupt third word country for the average citizen. One that just got taught a very big lesson about playing in the big leagues.

Some day a free country may emerge in Russia. One that actually recognizes the rights of the individual. I am not holding my breath. I have a whole lot more to worry about internationally than that mouse roaring.
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By Typhoon
Drlee wrote:There will be no flash.

This is an interesting position.

It's based on mutual assured destruction (MAD), the doctrine that because we (the West and the East) have these two atomic arsenals that can destroy each other neither side can use them for fear of annihilation and history has shown that MAD appears to work. There was no flash.

However the belief that there will never be a flash undermines the very basis on which MAD works, deterrence. Effectively in the mind of one side the others deterrent has ceased to exist. This is a illusion which can allow one side to take actions detrimental to the other without recognizing that they will be moving towards a scenario where atomic weapons could be employed.

This position is very relevant today where we the West have been used to living in our unipolar world after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our unipolar world has lasted little more than 20 years, we would be very foolish to forget our recent history and how MAD works, it offers no reassurance that there can never be a flash and could all go horribly wrong at any moment. So dust off your copies of Dr. Strangelove and remember we are still five minutes from the end of the world...
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By Uncle Joe
Russian stand-up comedian Mikhail Zadornov jokes about MH17 crash

After all, Zadornov lies, Psaki never said such phrase. This phrase belongs to Russian official from Far East of Russia, he meant the Russian fighter jet fallen down several years ago.

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