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Rei Murasame wrote::lol: Russian propaganda is getting more and more ludicrous by the day. I mean, that one is just amazingly crazy.

Of course! How dare those bastards deny the crimes made by communists under the management of that Russian Karl Marx publishing his dangerous works from Moscow.
I'm just not going to engage your crazy conspiracy theory at all.

I'll just give the thread this, and the commentary which I have written before:
Asia Times, 'Korea through the Russian looking glass', 04 Mar 2004 (emphasis added) wrote:Russia's interests are rooted in its history, geography and policy, and understanding the hierarchy of objectives governing Russia's position on the Koreas may help make sense of the apparent contradictions inherent in its policy.

First of all, Moscow, like the other four partners outside of the DPRK, and perhaps Pyongyang too, is most worried about war and the need to prevent the onset of conflict. That shared anxiety is what creates a common negotiating space for the five states seeking to roll back the North's nuclear program. But beyond that important commonality, there are divergences among the parties, creating situations in which it becomes harder for all to agree and reach consensus; instead, one or two states agree with each.

Historically Russia has fought four wars in the 20th century to prevent Northern Korea, with whom it shares a territorial boundary near the Pacific Ocean, from falling prey to hostile powers. Those wars were the Russo-Japanese war from 1904-05; the undeclared war with Japan in 1938-39 that took place mainly in Manchuria; Russia's invasion of Manchuria and Korea, the culminating offensive of World War II in Asia in August,1945; and Russian pilots' participation in the air war during the Korean War of 1950-53.

In all cases, the point was, and is, not the unification of the Korean peninsula as such. Rather it is the conditions under which the peninsula might be united that concerned - and still do concern Moscow.

Most important is that Moscow, in approaching the two Koreas and the issue of terminating the unfinished Korean war between them, is the weakest of all the outside powers and one that is acutely aware of how little it brings to the table. Moreover, what haunts the minds of policymakers from Putin down is that Russia, due to its current economic and military weakness, could easily be marginalized and excluded from any process bringing an end to hostilities on the peninsula, reunification and denuclearization.


Despite it's seat at the table, Russia continues to fear its potential marginalization in Asia generally, and Korea in particular, fears which are traced to two primary concerns:

  • First, that the US penchant for unilateral action may bring about a war - hence Losyukov's warnings about the dangers of unilateral US military action. A war would bring about a situation inherently dangerous and unpredictable, especially if the DPRK has nuclear weapons.

  • And second, that rising Chinese economic power will marginalize Moscow's ability to play a major role in Korea.

Russia is anxious over China's rising power because Moscow has major economic interests tied to its geopolitical objectives of maintaining North and South Korea in balance, integrating the North with the rest of the world, and using the two Koreas to help Russia's own stricken Eastern and Asian provinces recover economically. Thus it is seeking debt repayment from the North, even if its has to sell arms to Pyongyang. Moscow also encourages the North to reform, seeks either to pay off or have its debts forgiven by South Korea, and take advantage of its proximity to the Korean peninsula to construct its so-called Iron Silk Road, a railroad linking the two Koreas to the Trans-Siberian railroad and thus to Moscow and Europe.

The Iron Silk Road is of major geostrategic and economic significance to Russia. It would rival the European Union's Silk Road project from Europe to the Pacific Ocean, through the Caucasus and Central Asia - bypassing Russia in its course. And the Russian project, if undertaken, would also rival China's efforts to build a pan-Asian railway and advance its transport infrastructure.

Furthermore, a war on the Korean peninsula and/or any monopolization of aid to North Korea by Washington or Beijing would exclude Moscow from economic and political consideration, leaving its rundown and underdeveloped eastern provinces acutely vulnerable, mainly to Chinese economic pressure. Either or both of these contingencies - conflict or exclusion of Moscow from aiding North Korea - also makes it impossible to realize Russia's economic and political objectives regarding its Asiatic trade or the development of North Korea.

Thus, beyond being accepted as a legitimate part of any Korean "peace process", it is also essential for Moscow to be deeply involved, to whatever extent possible, in the economic dimensions of a solution to the Korean dilemma. Moreover, it does not want to have to choose among Beijing, Seoul and Washington, realizing that doing so makes it vulnerable to pressure from China or the US.

As was 1904, as is 2015. Toward the Russophile left and their groupies, we should have a bomb in our hands, a knife between our teeth, and an infinite scorn in our hearts. We need to understand that Russian throats have seasoned and have become ripe for cutting. When the time comes for harvesting those necks, we should do it and regret nothing.

When the Russians come and say, "What about the Second World War, don't you feel bad about 16 million deaths? Won't you please feel guilty and immobilised, Japan?", say "No. We regret nothing."
Rei Murasame wrote:I'll just give the thread this, and the commentary which I have written before:

And as I said before, this article is an impudent lie. Russia was participating in four wars to prevent Northern Korea from falling prey to hostile powers, all before the creation of Northern Korea. Is that a Japanese propaganda? For whom it is targeting? Full morons?
ThirdTerm wrote:In return, Japan expects an American military intervention if the Senkaku Islands are invaded by China.
Uh-huh. What's America's stance on this? Are they ready for another war, this time to secure some rocks for Japan?
Perhaps it's just a rhetorical war between Japan and China and the Japanese government is set to strengthen the US-Japan relationship in order to deter Chinese aggression. During the Cold War, there was a doctrine called mutually assured destruction (MAD), in which a full-scale war between nuclear powers such as the US and Russia would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender. By insinuating an American intervention to protect the Senkaku Islands, Japan could deter China from attacking the Senkakus in the first place. This is how nuclear deterrence worked to keep the peace between the superpowers with the credible threat of retaliation to forestall enemy attack.
Ganeshas Rat wrote:Russia was participating in four wars to prevent Northern Korea from falling prey to hostile powers, all before the creation of Northern Korea.


wiki: Russo-Japanese war wrote:The Russo-Japanese War (8 February 1904 – 5 September 1905) was fought between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan over rival imperial ambitions in Manchuria and Korea. The major theatres of operations were the Liaodong Peninsula and Mukden in Southern Manchuria, and the seas around Korea, Japan, and the Yellow Sea.
Rei Murasame wrote:Yes.

Thank you. I know there was Russo-Japanese war. As three other conflicts. My irony was aimed on that fact all those wars couldn't be because of Northern Korea, how it is written in your article. Because Northern Korea was created after the last one of them. It seems, you guys in your blind hate to Russia try to erase from memory all those cases when we defended the independence and the existence of Asian peoples like Koreans and others.
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    var hate = ['You are making no sense', 'You are crazy', 'That is full bullshit', 'Are you nut', 'I do not listen', 'Slit throats of Russians is the only way', 'Give us Kamchatka', "I am a psychopath, don't put me out"];
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Rei Murasame, do you think that there is a chance of Russia losing much of its eastern lands to Asians in next 50 years?

I have no love for Russia but I doubt that scenario will take place.

What do Russian posters on PoFo think on this issue? Ganeshas Rat or ThirdTerm?
3. Russians as main victims of communism can talk about communist regimes everywhere. It is a proud and honor mission to let people know about Brits' crimes everywhere.

Thats a new one

Before becoming communist scum, Russians were the most brutal and expansionist of all the European imperialists.

Also the most deluded and least sophisticated.
layman wrote:Before becoming communist scum, Russians were the most brutal and expansionist of all the European imperialists.

Of course. Opium wars, Indian revolts, the conquest of Thailand, Cambodia, the genocide of Native Americans in California, killings of Eskimos. Did not give Kamchatka to Japan. The most brutal and expansionist of all the European imperialists, only cities, schools and tears of shamans left where we passed.
Russias imperialist policy was cunning as well as brutal in the long term. This is because you killed everyone and cleansed them from the area. The soviets continued this trend with peoples such as the tartars.

Thus they wrote no history books and had no ancestors to cry tears for them.

We on the other hand ruled over huge numbers of people who survived well enough to tell the tale.
layman wrote:Russias imperialist policy was cunning as well as brutal in the long term. This is because you killed everyone and cleansed them from the area. The soviets continued this trend with peoples such as the tartars.

Please, free me from your fairytales. You can write a lot of epithets about Russian cruelty and cunning, it has nothing, because you do not have the facts to approve that. Facts are: around 200,000,000 people were murdered by British Empire because of colonial reasons. If you (or Rei, or Devil knows who) can find at least 10,000 for Russian Empire, you are welcome.
There is nothing wrong when someone knows history poor and thinks Russians were very very bad guys. This problem needs only books and knowledges to be resolved. But I will not take any reproach from hypocrite murderers with hands stained in blood, British or Japanese or every else.
Godstud wrote:I'm not Rie or Layman but...

1. Not Russian Empire.
2. Not colony.
3. Not full info.
That hungerstarving was only a link in the chain of starvations in Russia from 1920, thanks to communists who know better how to grow food. I said about it before. You can read a beautiful poem of Mayakovsky 'The bastards' written in 1925 where the young communist colorfully tells us about cannibalism in Povolzhie and how stupid American capitalists do not want to donate money for the salvation of millions people.

Of course, now this part of Russia is controlled by anti-Russian schizophrenic in their hate to Russia forces, so if you hear them, you will know a lot about cruelty and cunning of Russia. How cruel and cunningly Russia has invaded Ukraine and Germany in 1941!..
I have no interest in anyone's history of killing others. I only want to know if you are done killing others and if you are done trying to expand your borders. Russia is currently guilty of both. Others are guilty of the first, but not the latter. The latter places Russia in a past that must be exterminated.
Ganeshas Rat wrote:But I will not take any reproach from hypocrite murderers with hands stained in blood, British or Japanese or every else.

How are we hypocrite murderers? We openly do what we do without apology, it's you Russian people on the other hand who seem to think that there is some form of universal morality involved here.

Race war is like the mafia. We don't care about how the numbers will eventually compare to other numbers, since our goal is to make sure that we can do more damage to you than you can do to us.

I'm not trying to prove who is 'bad' and who is 'good' because I don't care about that. I'm merely showing that these groups do not have shared destinies and are bound to oppose each other. I happen to support the side that I am on. You keep bringing your petty-moralism to try to make the Russian Federation look like a poor victim who is 'surrounded by NATO and and other hostile groups'. We don't give a fuck how it looks from your Russian perspective, because we don't care about you. We care about ourselves.
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