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China and India, the two South Asian giants have been in constant arguments and disagreement on wide range of issues over the last year.
Pakistan has always been a major issue of conflict between these nations with India emphasizing Pakistan as a terror sponsoring state and China maintaining good relations with the Islamic Republic. Dispute over the territories of Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh(north eastern state in INDIA) which China claims as south Tibet has been a cause of constant tensions between these two nations. RECENTLY THE VISIT OF DALAI LAMA TO THIS TERRITORY ALSO ESCALATED TENSIONS BETWEEN THE TWO NATIONS WITH CHINA ISSUING WARNING TO INDIA AND INDIA DISMISSING IT AS INTERFERENCE IN ITS INTERNAL MATTERS
Another Major issue of disagreement is India's cooperation with the US AND JAPAN on South China Issue which China claims its territory.
Also the construction of China-Pakistan economic corridor has created a climate of tension between the nations as India opposes to this construction as it passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and challenges the sovereignty of the south Asian giant(India) according to its claims.
India's bid to NSG which is supported by all UN permanent members is also opposed by China on various reasons.
Declaring Masood Azhar as a terrorist was another question of conflict between the two nations.
Such constant disagreement and strained relations between two largest developing economies and superpowers with enormous potential is a cause of concern around the world and especially in South Asia
Could such a continuous rift between these two world economies soon be a reason for everyone to worry ?
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