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Ongoing wars and conflict resolution, international agreements or lack thereof. Nationhood, secessionist movements, national 'home' government versus internationalist trends and globalisation.

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By Devlar
Welcome to the International Relations, Disputes and Conflict section of PoliticsForum.Org

i)What is this forum for?
This forum is for the mature(note emphasis) discussion of International Relations

ii)What is this International Relations?
International Relations is not an easy subject to pin down. Traditionally, International Relations exclusively examined the diplomatic interaction between states. However, IR has outgrown this narrow Cold War view. Due to the changing nature of international politics it has grown to include a multitude of non-state, sub-state actors. This has opened up the field to numerous topics that would have been thought heretical thirty years ago. This expansion has led to a field that is interconnected with many fields in Social Science.

If the preceding definition wasn’t sufficient, here are some examples of topics relevant to this section:

International Relations Theory
Strategic Studies
Military Doctrine

This is not an exhaustive list, use your judgment
iii)Follow the Forum Rules: at all times. For additional information, please refer to the Newbie Guide.

This is an on-topic forum. Extra focus is paid to two rules:
I) Remain courteous and respectful to other users of the forums at all times.
II) One-line posts will not be tolerated

Violation of any rules will result in your post being deleted or edited, and you being reported to the administrator for sanction.

iv)Since the topics dealt in this forum are often violent in nature, occasionally it is required to post violent images. If you need to post pictures of a graphic nature, all images should be in hyperlink form with a warning *Graphic Content* .

v)Please source all material you post. If you post an article you wrote yourself, please post your bibliography.

Even if you are attempting to begin discussion it is advantageous to your fellow board members to understand where your ideas have come from. Even if that material is not available online.

vi)Useful Links

Small Wars Journal – Military Doctrine Papers
RAND Corporation
Federation of American Scientists
Secrecy News
Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies
Centre for Counterterrorism Studies
Google Social Sciences Directory (Political Science – IR)
Yahoo! Social Sciences Directory (Political Science – IR)
Social Science Information Gateway (Politics – IR)
The WWW Virtual Library
Open Democracy
International Relations and Security Network (ISN)
Foreign Policy
Foreign Affairs
The Economist

v)Research Material

As a researcher myself, I am able and willing to share my material with anyone who is interested and asks nicely. If you require a journal article or a book chapter for a post in this section, feel free to ask.

vi)Enjoy Yourselves!
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By Dan
After deleting a lot of worthless crap in a few topics, I would like to remind everybody these rules:

This is an on-topic forum. Extra focus is paid to two rules:
I) Remain courteous and respectful to other users of the forums at all times.
II) One-line posts will not be tolerated

In other words, be respectful and post posts with actual content, that contribute to the discussion.

I have been a bit slack since I started modding this forum, and I've let a number of things slip which may have not been totally kosher. But the pure drivel I have had to delete has changed this slack attitude of mine.

From now on, crap will not be tolerated. Posts with personal attacks or that are overly discourteous will be edited or deleted depending on how much actual content the post has.

As well, posts with no real content will be deleted with no notice given.

Thanks for respecting the rules.

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By Rodion
Adding to Dan's excellent post:

In case that wasn't clear - all participants are free and, indeed, encouraged to archive any part of the sub-forum in any condition that strikes their fancy. They are not, however, free to second-guess decisions by the forum staff. Comments on such decisions may or may not be permitted, depending on how harmoniously they fit into the on-topic discussion and how polite their tone is. Anything remotely resembling a challenge will automatically result in post deletion.

Hopefully, this will make the forum a better place for everybody. Enjoy your stay.



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