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By B0ycey
So, yeah, there has been much discussion about Deep State on PoFo the past few days, and admittedly I knew nothing of it until yesterday. So I researched it and what I found was unbelievable - literally. I knew that the Far-Right in America were special snowflakes, but even I couldn't imagine how special.

Here is one of the articles I read on the issue.

I had a taste of this theory when we had idiots claim that a video of a car rushing at a crowd of people was faked or wasn't conclusive evidents of an incident. And the death of Heyer wasn't linked to the incident either. Like seriously. Are the far-right in America really that special? Well apparently so.

So now I get the Hindsites of this world. To any sane person who recides from the rest of the world, it doesn't take much intelligence to figure out that the Jones and Stones in the US are compulsive liars. But in America, the opposite is clearly true. No wonder you have scientology and UFO nuts. If it ain't logical, you ain't buying it!

What the Fuck!!

So the people from the land of the free take a bow. You deserve it guys. You really do.
B0ycey wrote:So the people from the land of the free take a bow. You deserve it guys. You really do.

Are you ready for this? You brought it on yourself.....


Still not enough?


Quit hatin' 'Murica cause we got conspiracies and shit, thats part of what makes us so fucking awesome.


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