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The Japanese government continues to attack us, though it is too late.

Internet hacking is the work of the organizations such as "Global Empire", "the Japanese Emperor" or "the Japanese Government".

For the past years, I have complained a lot of cases, to the "Emperor", the Prime minister" or the "Police", but no response.

Far from it, Hacking and Stalking have been heinous around me.

I am very busy to edit the global history.

But today, their hacking and staking has become extreme.

I ask you to help me.

My pages have been hacked very artfully.

Their attack is really ingenious.

They attack my computer at the same time as the Internet and my rental server.

According to their attack, it's impossible to think that they are plots of some individuals or companies.

If you find a strange link or a hyperlink, please let me know.

My sites have been relentlessly harassed by high-level attacks.

Please help me even on this site.

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