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I really hate to agree with Igor, but birth rates dropping in very wealthy countries is nothing to be concerned about, as scientists still seem to be worried about world overpopulation.

Most countries are already dealing with the low birthrates by having solid immigration. eg. Canada brings in 250k/year.

From the most developed to the least developed countries, knowing the rate at which a nation's population is increasing or decreasing is helpful. One of the most commonly used metrics to measure this growth is fertility rate.
Igor Antunov wrote:

Global population growing by 80 million/year

Wahhh but muh demographic crisis!

Since 1960, the rate of population growth has been declining steadily. Ignoring Covid, for a moment, it's roughly half what it was.

Between deaths caused directly by Covid, and deaths caused indirectly from starvation and war, we are in a period of even lower pop. growth.

The rate will continue to drop. There is nothing mysterious about that.

Go back a couple hundred years, and a population would look like a pyramid. The young, and young adults, would make up half or more of the pop. The older a person was, the smaller that cohort was as a % of the pop. IOW, very few old people.

That pyramid is upside down now.

In general, after the Boomers, subsequent generations have gotten smaller, globally.

This is already causing problems, but it's going to get much, much worse. Let's take China, as an example. Thanks to the One Child Policy, the population of China will drop. In a generation, or two, the pop. could be HALF what it is now.

This is baked in, the only way to change that is immigration.

That's going to happen in most countries. Most won't see that much of a drop, in a few countries it will be even worse. We will have less of a problem, due entirely to immigration.

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