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Okay, so I've been sitting on this one for some time now. I don't know if it's safe to release this kind of theory, er, could be fact, you know. Anyway, like, I just had to get this off my chest. It has weighed heavy on my chest, and when I say chest I don't mean my chiseled pecs. I mean it in a way as to, like, mean, my brain. So I guess it's ah metaphor. Or so... Yeah, I checked Google, it's a metaphor.

But listen to me, alright. I think the masons could be the ones who blew up the original world trade towers. You know, the ones that looked basically the same. Here is a wiki page for you to see what I see. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center

And heres a photo so you get a picture of how big they are
They were pretty big sky buildings, and if you think bout it, like, they kinda represented USA's big boner for capitalism. Yeah, like one gigantic cock like structure wasn't enough. But then some villains from the sands decided to punch us right in our dicks!


And at first, at least my initial response, I thought it was the Japanese, still salty about the nukes we dropped back in the old days. Or, like maybe a drunk pilot or something. Anyways, I dropped my cereal when those fucking terror cysts hit US with a real low blow. Like fuck, I thought professional wrestling is big over in the sand land. I remember watching the iron sheik though, and he always played dirty. Just no respect whatsoever for us. Needless to tell you how pissed off I was.

After a few hours, it was clear America is eternally impotent. Sure, premature ejaculation I can deal with, but impotency? I once had erectile dysfunction, but then I met my husband.
So I went on the internet trying to find a prescription for my country's broken penis. Some people saying this, some people saying that. But I knew something wasn't right.

I thought, wrestling is fake, right? And as it turns out, doing some internet searching on Google, Wrestling is choreographed and everything is fake.

BEcause professional wrestlers are just actors, I thought, it just doesn't add up. Why would these two actually hurt each other when they are actually friends outside the ring?
SOmoeone else has to be funding the show. Someone else... Someone else... and I couldn't, just like now days, buy in too the news story. I did lots of research and couldn't add it up. I would read math books and try to solve simple algebra, and I just couldn't do it. Theres something else... some missing X, or Y, or 37, maybe 22, that is missing to solve the equations.

3 year break (went to afghanstan because I joined the military to fight for my right... to party, I guess. And when I grew up, there was a beastie boys song that kept playing in my head, back when I was undecided about joining the marines. "You gotta fight for people's rights, to party," or something like that. IDK, really the lyrics, but I did meet the love of my life while serving my rights and doing my duty.)

For privacy reasons I will not say my husband's name, but he is a proud Muslim Mason. I being a central leaning freedom fighting party man my self, learned so much from my husband. He told me things about the sand land's like and dislikes, stuff I couldn't find on the internet... Then finally, after being moving Freedom side with me, he introduced me to masonry and the occult. Boy oh boy, I had one rude awakening!

The masons blew up the twin towers because they were symbols of solomen's temple (Jachin & Boa), and their destruction represented the age of their new order.

The secret is this: The Jachin pillar (meaning Yah establishes) is King Solomon, and the Boaz pillar (meaning strength) is King David. And these two were Israel’s most illustrious kings and also the ones mostly responsible for planning and/or building the Jewish Temple. Both kings are messianic figures. All that follows is explanatory.

First, let us make it clear from the beginning that the name Jachin is not at all etymologically related to the name Solomon, and only somewhat to his second name Jedidyah (2 Samuel 12:25). Nor is the name David etymologically related to Boaz at all. Nor does the following explanation rely solely on this etymological approach. To find the relation between the names of the pillars and these two kings, we must travel an additonal route. For a description of the pillars, see 1 Kings 7:15 - 22 and 2 Chronicles 3:16, 17.

David’s Battles and Solomon as Jachin

The scholarly opinion, seems generally agreed that Jachin means establish. But Boaz is highly disputable. It means strength, boldness, striker or perhaps fleetness – or neither; it is an unknowable, some say . Its meaning, though, must not be searched for solely in its etymological origins, but also in the lives of both kings, what they did or what was said about or to them, and by whom.

In I Chronicles 17:1 King David expresses a desire to build God a house (temple) but the Lord gently declines the offer, v.3, telling him that, instead, his son (Solomon) will build it; and through his son, David’s dynasty and kingdom will be “established,” a word used five time in vv. 17:9 - 14 in the Jewish Publication Society’s Tanakh, and five more in 2 Samuel 7:10 -16. Therefore, Solomon is the establisher. What does this have to do with the name Jachin? A great deal, because in I Chronicles 18:3 - 8 King David makes war against King Hadadezer, and conquers the towns of Tibbath (also spelled Tibhath) and Cun (Chun) and takes massive amounts of bronze. And from this bronze, v. 8, Solomon makes various Temple vessels, including the twin bronze pillars Jachin and Boaz. But surprisingly, the name Cun is etymologically related to Jachin (Yakin). Cun means establish or stand upright, while Jachin (Yakin, Yah-kin) means Yah establishes. Yah is a contraction for Yahweh, God’s name. Hence, establish links Cun, Jachin, and Solomon, who was also named Jedidyah, beloved of Yah . If so, is Tibbath also possibly linked to David?

King David as Boaz

As stated before, the bronze for the pillars was also gotten from Tibbath. But there is no etymological link between Tibbath and Boaz. Unlike Jachin and Cun, Boaz and Tibbath have no root word connections at all. But are they conceptually related somehow? – the answer is, yes. For example, seat and sofa have no etymological connections, no root unites both. The first is of Middle English origin, the latter of Arabic roots; yet both are conceptually related to the function of sitting.

Tibbath means slay, slaughter or butcher and may even refer to a cook as one who butchers animals for food. However, the root meaning itself refers to the slaughtering of animals or men. In 2 Sam. 8:8 Tibbath is rendered as Betah* (see footnote). Further, it is believed Tibbath was derived from the name Tebah (thus, Betah), a nephew of Abraham listed in Genesis 22:24. What does Tebah mean? – a time or place of slaughtering, Anchor Bible Dictionary, Vol. 6, p. 343.

“You have shed much blood”

All will agree that slaughtering animals or men involves shedding blood, and this is exactly why the Lord did not allow King David to build the Temple (I Chronicles 22:8, 9; 28:3) but appointed his son Solomon, instead. For “you have fought great battles and shed much blood,” the Lord told David. This was not a rebuke, necessarily, but an indicator that he did not want the Temple assciated with war. In fact, before capturing Tibbath and Cun, David’s army slew 22,000 men, I Chronicles 18:5.

By now the conceptual relation of Tibbath to Boaz ought be fairly clear: Successful battles are fought by strong military men – by men of force – and this is exactly what David was, a man of military might. God himself told him, “You have fought great battles,” something which hardly fits a soft man or a military loser. And without question, David was the best Israelite warrior ever. How can he not be linked with strength or force? Finally, David began his military career by slaying Goliath, whom he decapitated with the giant’s own sword, I Samuel 17:50, 51. David, therefore, is Boaz, the military strongman, striker, and slaughterer.

Should David be Honored with a Temple Pillar?

The question arises: If the Lord did not allow David to build the Temple because he was a man of war, why should he be honored by surreptitiously having one of the Temple’s pillars represent him as Boaz?

First, David himself did not seek the honor; it may have been Solomon’s idea. David died before the Temple was completed or the pillars erected and named. Second, in the Temple precincts there were many slaughterings and much bloodshed anyway because that’s where animal sacrificial offerings were made daily, many more on special holy days.

But there is a third and far more important reason than the above two. It should be plain that what the Lord spurned was the shedding of much human blood in physical warfare. There is another type of warfare that everyone should and must engage in: Never surrender to a life of sin and immoralty, never give up this battle. The Israelites that came out of Egypt with Moses surrendered to the Evil Inclination, unbelief, idolatry and immorality and did not, except for a few, inherit the Land. Instead, a new generation under Joshua entered and took it. So in resisting evil within or outside oneself, every man, woman and child must be or become a Davidic warrior and – through faith – engage in spiritual warfare. The Tanach uses many physical things to illustrate invisible spiritual realties. Therefore, although the Temple was of stone, its lessons are of the spirit. Boaz honors David for his enduring faith, the bedrock of his spiritual warfare.

King David also relates to the Bronze Altar (mizbeach, meaning to slay, slaughter), for it is here that sin – the true enemy – is slain, i.e., expiated through bloodletting. The altar David made after he sinned was the basis for the Temple’s Bronze Altar, 2 Samuel 24:18, and the site (Mount Moriah) where the Temple was afterwards built, 2 Chronicles 3:1. King Solomon must have remade the Bronze Altar from the bronze gotten at Tibbath (I Chronicles 18:8) a name meaning a place of slaughtering. But Solomon himself relates to the Sea of Bronze whose water symbolizes the spirit of God that makes plants (i.e., people) grow – become established, flourish and develop in the Lord. And this also is why people are likened to fruit trees and plants, a king’s garden through which the Lord walks, Genesis 3:8. After all, does not Judaism itself teach that the Temple is microcosm of the Garden in Eden?


The construction of the new single World Trade Tower, is symbolizing the middle pillar. The only philosophy left in the new world order consists of Kingdom, Foundation, Beauty, and Crown. Man's age of Lucifer is here.

The numbers missing in my equations, 9 & 11. My husband explained to me what they stand for in masonry
Nine is the number of the angles in that Triple Triangle formed by placing three equal Equilateral Triangles with their apices meeting in a common point and the Triangles radiating from that point with the angle separating each Triangle from the next equal to sixty degrees--the jewel of the Prelate of the Templars. As the Equilateral Triangle is the symbol of Deity so the Triple Triangle composed of three Equilateral Triangles is the symbol of the Triple Essence of Deity or, to the Christian, the Mystery of the Trinity.

Three, as the sum of the Monad and the Duad, is, symbolically, the result of the addition of the Male Principle, symbolized by the Monad, and the Female Principle, symbolized by the Duad, and, thus, plainly becomes the symbol of the Creative Power. It is also the symbol of the three-fold nature of Deity--He who comprises the Generative Power, the Productive Capacity, and the Result, and who is the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer.

As stated by Mackey, "the symbolic Seven is to be found in a hundred ways over the whole Masonic system." This statement is so true and the discovery of those many references is so interesting and profitable to the student that no attempt is made here to gather them together. But no student who neglects to make an effort to discover them can get out of Masonry all that it has to offer him.

Seven is referred to in practically all of the ancient religions. There were seven altars before the god Mithras. In the Persian Mysteries there were seven caverns. The Goths had seven Deities and in the Gothic Mysteries the candidate met with seven obstructions. References in the Scriptures to Seven are almost innumerable. To cite but a very few:--

Noah had seven days notice of the commencement of the Deluge. The clean beasts were taken into the ark by sevens. The ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat in the seventh month. The intervals between the dispatching of the doves from the ark were seven days each. Solomon was seven years building the Temple. And the Temple was dedicated in the seventh month, the feast lasting seven days.

The few examples given above of the occurrences of references to the number Seven indicate the peculiar veneration in which that number has been held from the most ancient times. Its different symbolical meanings are nearly as numerous as the different systems of religious philosophy in which it occurs. But, to the Mason, following the teachings of "our ancient friend and brother, the great Pythagoras," it may well be the symbol of Perfection, this significance being plainly derivable from the fact that Seven is the sum of the numbers Three and Four, the numbers of the two perfect figures--the Triangle and the Square.

In concluding it is emphasized that the above statements of the significances of the various numbers are but a very small proportion of the many that might be made. There are many symbolic meanings assigned to each of the numbers and, by investigation, each student can find, among that large number of interpretations, at least one meaning for each number that will appeal to him and which will imbue Masonry with new life and new interest and will help to convert what has, perhaps, become (through no fault of Masonry) a "dry as dust" series of actions and words into a living system of instruction in morals, philosophy, ancient history, and symbolism.


Don't believe me, is this coincidence?
Father time and the weeping virgin,
Resemble the Statue of liberty and the broken pillars off in the distance, huh?

This is one of the videos my husband made thousands of copies of for friends and family.

It's everywhere, the secret societies run the fucking world, now they are fighting over what secert society has complete control.
Look at the pentagram and George Mason's pillar in DC.

#Occult symbols everywhere

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