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“Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

― Benjamin Franklin
Now with modern technology..
“Believe none of what you hear, and none of what you see.”

That's until you can verify the facts.
Albert wrote:^low energy
PizzaGate is real, very real.

Sure, trolling is fun. But at some point, you begin to lose the distinction between truth and fiction. In your case, the condition is advanced. Be careful what you pretend to be, because that is what you will become.

Trolling in defense of traditional morality is like fucking in defense of chastity.
Surprised this hasn't been shuffled off to the conspiracy theory section since it technically is a theory. I have looked into this pizzagate thing and although there's no smoking gun, it all looks pretty legit to me. Besides I haven't read any denials from any of the accused or an explanation of the Wikileaks emails. The media is runny around calling everything "fake news" without doing any journalism or asking hard questions of John Podesta or James Alefantis.

Pretty much all doubt was removed for me when this started going viral Sunday night on Twitter.

Andrew Breitbart tweet before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring

Social media speculation of a sex-trafficking ring in the nation’s capital has burned up social media sites for weeks. Complicating matters is Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s decision not to comment on anything WikiLeaks-related for months.

Explosive claims by Internet sleuths, which were prompted after reading stolen documents belonging to Mr. Podesta, have been derided as “viciously phony” by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. A tweet by Mr. Breitbart shortly before his March 1, 2012, death is now being cited by online researchers as proof that they are onto something big.

“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Mr. Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011.
anna wrote:No. It's fake news.

‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people

Unfortunately very few media have clean hands when it comes to fake news.
You have low energy because you fail to look beyond one framed message. Go do the research.

Remember this?
How BBC star Jimmy Savile allegedly got away with abusing 500 children and sex with dead bodies ... ad-bodies/

@TIG, I see you're still suffering from intellectual somnambulism. How's the 'sock puppet' gig treating you?

“If you’ve ever dreamed of strolling through a museum with a slice of pizza and glass of wine in hand, you need to befriend superlobbyist Tony Podesta. Known about town as a legendary political “fix-it” man, Podesta has turned his Kalorama home into a shrine to contemporary art, ranging from relatively under-the-radar artists such as Serbian painter Biljana Djurdjevic to those who are much better known (like French sculptor Louise Bourgeois).
Podesta has a large paint of Djurdjevic in his living room. Here’s another painting by Djurdjevic.
It's just art... :eh: I doubt it. Djurdjevic's painting is DISGUSTING. ... ult-elite/
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LV-GUCCI-PRADA-FLEX wrote:This is stupider than the spirit cooking bullshit. We truly live in a post-fact society at this point. Now we're just making shit up so we can go on actual witch hunts.

Burn, baby, burn. "Post-fact society" is an optimistic interpretation. Facts are for old fogies. Remember 'lock her up'? It wasn't just intended for Hillary. It was intended for you. We are seeing just the warm-up.
I'm honestly surprised that Trump hasn't picked up on either of these stories yet. Makes me think that he's not as gullible as he acts because this has about as much if not more proof behind it than the idea that he won the popular vote. I think it's why he cozies up to Breitbart and Jones, because he knows that they will be his propaganda arm for this type of outlandish narrative as long as he gives them tacit approval.

New York Times, who heavily promoted imaginary WMDs in Iraq and which promotes that pedophilia as not a crime, calls pizzagate "fake news."

But not all internet news is on board with the pizzagate phenomenon. Some alternative news sites are agreeing with the New York Times that pizzagate is fake news.

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