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While PoFo has inexplicably locked down its own thread on the events in Charlottesville, VA, it seems the media has done the same thing according to SonofNewo. In a recent video, SonofNewo says he received info from a "Mr. X," a prominent journalist who disclosed to him that the FBI had video footage of the events leading up to the car attack in Charlottesville, VA but kept it away from prosecutors and the defense in Charlottesville, thereby adversely affecting James Field's rights as a criminal defendant.

Additionally, at the preliminary hearing, prosecutors entered into evidence--trials are public in the United States--a video showing James Fields arriving early, backing up and then driving into the crowd. However, the while the prosecution has shared it with the media, the media has not reported on it AND they have refused SonofNewo an opportunity to view the video.

The media's omissions do not appear to be strictly partisan, because FoxNews isn't reporting on it either.

This lack of curiosity on the part of all of the mainstream media suggests that national security was invoked to try to suppress the involvement of the government in what I reasonably believe was a government-manufactured counter protest that led to the death of a civilian.

Charlottesville Revisited: Hidden Evidence, Unreported Facts, and Lies <--important, but boringly long.
BREAKING: The FBI Stole Evidence out of Charlottesville<--and an important omission.
Charlottesville Car Attack: Ten Curious Facts <--this is also long, but worth the time. Especially at about 23:49, which shows a black fleet vehicle possibly belonging to the FBI--which is important, because James Field's arrived 1:15 (one minute and 15 seconds) to the scene earlier than the attack took place, and backed up right about to where the black (possibly FBI) fleet vehicle was parked.

There are too many curious facts around this Charlottesville, VA matter. I think there was some FBI counter-intelligence involvement, and they are trying to hide it. I also think the mayor of Charlottesville and the governor of Virginia had a hand in ginning up the counter protests, which led to the death of Heather Heyer and they are trying to hide their actions.

Some of the strange facts include:

1. The purple van was blocking the intersection at the sight of the incident at least 5 minutes before the attack, as established by Ford Fisher's live stream video timestamp. We have not received any explanation from the media or from local officials why that purple van was there.
2. The Charlottesville police department lied about the van being blocked by protesters, and have made no effort to correct their public statements.
3. Corroborating video and witnesses would have seen Fields arrive early, back up and then drive into the crowd; yet, they only reported hearing him coming and then seeing him drive into the crowd--testimony that is essentially implausible. Ford Fischer's video evidence and the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing shows that Fields arrived one minute and 15 seconds before the attack, but the media is not reporting on it.
4. The FBI has not shared the video they removed from the scene.
5. The prosecution will not allow SonofNewo to see evidence entered into the public record.
6. One of the cut up videos he shows in the last video is inconsistent with the live stream timeline of Ford Fischer's video.
7. SonofNewo has offered substantial licensing fees to simply view the raw footage, and has been denied by people who have licensed it to others.

SonofNewo gives 10 reasons.

What is very obvious to me is:

1. There were two demonstrations before the counter demonstration at Charlottesville leading to Heather Heyer's death.
2. Public officials were troubled that there were no counter protesters opposing neo-Nazis.
3. The first counter demonstration led to arrests of counter demonstrators, not the neo-Nazis.
4. The counter demonstration leading to Heather Heyer's death was an unlawful riot, but was not countered by the Charlottesville police.
5. There is an obvious media and government cover-up surrounding the facts prior to the events leading to Heather Heyer's death.
6. Online commentators with leftist leanings seem utterly incurious when it is clear that the government and the media are suppressing material facts.
SonofNewo continues to follow up on the Charlottesville case. He filed a FOIA suit to get the prosecutor to release a copy of the videos presented at the preliminary hearing. As a vlogger, I find him interesting, because he's trained as an attorney. Like a computer analyst (me), he lays out his case in a linear, stepwise and logical fashion. Anyway, in the following video, we learn his name is William Evans, and he wears that hat because he's got male-pattern baldness.

Anyway, he asked to view the video footage shown at the preliminary hearing--all trials in the United States are public trials--and he was denied.

He also managed to troll Brennan Gilmore, who probably now knows that SonofNewo is an attorney.

It turns out Brennan Gilmore was chief of staff to a Virginia candidate for governor. So he is definitely a political actor. SonofNewo points out that he used some verbatim phrases in his statements to the media, and appeared to be reading from a script. There is something about the Charlottesville case that just doesn't seem quite right. It's interesting to see SonofNewo continuing to prod.

At any rate, I think the likely issue is that the FBI was involved in the counter protest. They probably had one of their "black" FBI vehicles parked right next to James Fields when Fields backed up to take his final run at the protesters.

Since there was no pre-indication that there would be violence and the previous two right wing rallies were peaceable on the right, the FBI really had no reason to be there unless they knew in advance--and we know that Governor McAuliffe and the mayor were interested in the counter-demonstration--that violence was going to ensue.
I dunno what to think about the FBI besides to say that they were probably there. James Fields looks like a classic case of a mentally ill person who, if he premeditated his attack, was too mentally ill to premeditated a really effective attack. It would be nice if people would focus on the mental illness and not how the ideologies of these people are supposedly shared with normal people who disagree on boiler plate issues.

I guess the insinuation here is that James Fields was either an FBI agent or his car was somehow manipulated. There's a lot of weird stuff going around, like the Antifa guy who was claiming he was chasing James Fields with an assault rifle. But these are tall claims.

A lack of curiosity on the MSM's part doesn't necessarily say anything, why would they want this to not be an open and shut Nazi thing? They are all taught about Nazis in high school and so everyone they disagree with is a Nazi, they never grew up, we all know it.

Hopefully all of the relevant video evidence is released.
maz wrote:So there was no explanation as to why the thread was locked?


If you link the thread, I'll probably be able to tell you. My guesses that it went off the rails and was no longer about the topic at hand any more but just venom between two factions.

Or a UFO landed in my house and FBI agents that were for Hillary Clinton emerged and told me that I must lock it because there was valuable information about the false-flag operation of trying to make Nazis look bad to the American public.

It could be anything!
Hong Wu wrote:I dunno what to think about the FBI besides to say that they were probably there.

Well, I think it's pretty much obvious that they were there now. Why would they take material video evidence and not turn it over to the prosecution? If it buttresses the case that Fields committed the crime, there would be no reason to suppress it except if they are trying to hide their own presence there. If it exculpates Fields, they have a legal obligation to provide it.

The Immortal Goon wrote:...there was valuable information about the false-flag operation of trying to make Nazis look bad to the American public.

We already know that the Mayor of Charlottesville was upset that there was no counter-demonstration to the first rally, and further upset that all the law-breaking occurred by the counter demonstrators at the second rally. So we know they were part of organizing these counter demonstrations. These are political actors. So why would the FBI hide material evidence from the prosecution?

They have a duty to disclose exculpatory evidence. So if they are not doing that, perhaps their implicit argument is that the evidence not only doesn't exculpate Fields, it incriminates him. So why hide it? Is it because he's stopped right next to an FBI vehicle before he goes charging into the crowd? Is it because they don't want people asking:

1.) Why was the FBI there?
2.) If the FBI was there, why didn't they do something to stop that guy?

The most widespread use of classifying information as confidential, secret, top secret, etc. is to cover up government fuck ups. It isn't to protect US national security. Can you give us a national security reason why we shouldn't see this video evidence?
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