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Yasuo Hayashi was one of the cult members who were executed along with the cult leader for spraying sarin gas in the subway station. Hayashi's parents were Japanese Koreans who were naturalized and his grandfather was a suspected North Korean spy, who was under surveillance by the Public Security Intelligence Agency for engaging in terrorist activities. It's known that Asahara's own father was born in Korea and worked as a police officer before migrating back to Japan in the post-war era. Probably North Korea was behind the Tokyo sarin subway attack. Sarin gas may have been smuggled into Japan from North Korea, which possess 2,500 to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons, mostly sarin and the nerve agent VX, which was also used to several Aum-related terror attacks. It was not possible for the Aum cult to develop nerve agents on its own despite the fact that some cult members were doctors and engineers and the Russian branch of the Japanese cult tried to obtain chemical weapons in Russia.

Assessing the chemical artillery. North Korea is believed to have placed a high priority on chemical weapons ever since Kim Il-sung’s “Declaration of Chemicalization” in 1961. But the quantity, quality, and durability of the North Korean chemical arsenal are unknown. In the 1970s, intelligence estimates by the United States and South Korea rated North Korea’s chemical warfare potential as mostly defensive. By the late 1980s, views had changed; Pyongyang was believed to have 250 tons of mustard gas and some nerve agents. By 2010, North Korea was estimated to possess 2,500 to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons, mostly sarin and the nerve agent VX. Furthermore, it is assumed that North Korean military doctrine treats chemical weapons as a natural aspect of the nation’s scheme of maneuver, and that chemical weapons would be used from the outset of hostilities. Chemical weapons are reportedly pre-deployed—with one out of three North Korean projectiles believed to be chemical. The February assassination of Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia with VX was undoubtedly a reminder to North Korea’s enemies of the chemical threat that Pyongyang poses.

Bruce Bennett of the RAND Corporation reports that eight manufacturing facilities have been identified in North Korea, capable of producing 5,000 tons of chemical weapons a year during peacetime and 12,000 tons during wartime. The Nuclear Threat Initiative, meanwhile, reports that North Korea has 11 production and storage facilities—in addition to 13 research and development facilities, two test ranges, and four military bases equipped with chemical weapons, as well as facilities near the cities of Kanggye and Sakchu prepared to fill chemical artillery. ... deterrent/

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