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About 40 years ago, I graduated from a university and I entered a company with more than 100 branches.

Japan is a seniority-based, lifetime employment society.

A worker, who joined the company a year earlier than me, is usually a year older than me.

But the worker was a very funny guy.

He often made mistakes in his job, but no one blamed him.

Far from it.

He often pushed himself at the karaoke singing, at the drinking party, though he was terribly tone-deaf.

Nevertheless, he was a leader when it came to entertainment and sports.

This kind of bizarre attitude is often seen in the Japanese business society.

But at first I could never understand the situation.

And 20 years later, I finally knew everything about his character.

I'd like to post my answer in the next posting.


This phenomenon is a very important factor in the Japanese conspiracy.

So, I'd like to hear your opinions beforehand.
Let me explain my past experience.

20 years later, one of my superiors, the deputy branch manager had climbed the corporate ladder and was an executive managing director as well as the manager of the biggest branch.

I happened to visit the branch and I was surprised to see the tone-deaf worker working as the manager's close aide.

Then I remembered that he was a tone-deaf guy and that the executive was also a terrible singer and that I rarely saw him singing in front of others.

At that time I didn't think any tricks.

But after examining many conspiracies in the Japanese society, I now believe that the executive was determined in advance to become the executive in the future since he had joined the company.

And he needed a special worker to support him behind the stage.

Probably the tone-deaf worker pretended to be tone-deaf only to guard the future executive.

The company had more than 2000 employees and one of the leading companies in my region.

However, I never knew the workers from a farmer's family or a fisherman's family.

Instead I knew quite a few workers from the company workers' families.

Now I believe that the Japanese society is completely a caste system.

And about the marriage, it is often said that Japan is a democratic nation and people marry for love.

But after having witnessed many couples, I now believe that Japan is an arranged marriage nation.

Some couple say they married for love. But most of the cases, they just pretend to do so.
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