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'Freedom For the Children' March Postponed by Utah AG Over QAnon Ties

Utah rally scheduled for Saturday was postponed by the state's Attorney General's office on Friday after the group's ties to the QAnon conspiracy theory were uncovered.

The Arizona anti-child trafficking group Freedom for the Children scheduled a number of rallies across the United States for Saturday, including one in Salt Lake City's Liberty Park. The event was initially promoted by the Attorney General's office's Twitter account.

"Join us in raising awareness for human trafficking and child exploitation tomorrow at 9AM at Liberty Park in SLC. Our office will join speakers in highlighting trauma-informed recovery, legislation, law enforcement roles, resources, and stories from survivors," the office wrote, along with a flyer for the event.

The office later clarified that the event was not related to the anti-child trafficking group Save the Children, which was also hosting a number of events that day, according to KUTV. A few hours after the clarification tweet, the office announced that the Freedom for the Children march had been postponed "due to questions about association with other human trafficking events being held the same day."

The official announcement said that the event was postponed due to "receiving further information, including careful investigation of citizen input, event organizers determined that there were too many questions about one of the partners," and that delaying the event "would prevent public confusion with unassociated agendas and political causes."

Though the announcement was vague on the details of what "unassociated agendas," or the identity of the partner in question, according to KJZZ, the rally was postponed over information uncovered in an NBC News investigation that linked Freedom for the Children to the QAnon conspiracy theory. The local political blog raised questions about the group's legitimacy to the Utah Attorney General's office.

Freedom for the Children was not the only sponsor of the event. Other anti-trafficking groups involved included the 3Strands Global Foundation, which has no ties to QAnon.

#SAVEOURCHILDREN replaces Houston's famous 'Be Someone' graffiti on bridge over I-45

HOUSTON — Welp, as to no surprise, the famous Houston "Be Someone" graffiti has been vandalized yet again.

Now, the train bridge over I-45 near downtown reads "#SAVEOURCHILDREN."

No word on who made the change to the bridge, but our camera crew caught a group of people posing for a picture on the bridge early Sunday morning, holding what appears to be painting supplies above the new message.

In recent years, the ‘Be Someone’ message is wiped clean, only to appear again, painted by someone in the cover of darkness.

The ‘Be Someone’ message on the bridge first appeared in 2012.
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